30 01 2010

A long time ago, before Little C was born, I told my Burgh Mom friends that by hanging out with their kids I was training to be an Aunt. A super awesome Aunt. I even told my mom & Lili…

So my training, not in order, no big deal:

  • I’ve talked rocks with @ClumberKim’s daughter, E, when she came to watch rugby… (and I have a play date scheduled for Sunday with E. We’re gonna have SO. MUCH. FUN.)
  • I’ve made my little man, Teaspoon, a quilt… A quilt with little Teaspoons with feet and faces. So cute! (reminder to myself: need to play with Teaspoon soon.) Based on recent pics from Spoon, Teaspoon is still adorable and as hilarious as his daddy. I wish all the best to Teaspoon’s mommy based on that last sentence…
  • I’ve babysat for @RedPenMama’s girls. And they were ANGELS. (until I left the house, apparently.)
  • I recently, today, had a fun convo with @ScottSweep’s daughter, J,  about what she gave A for her birthday…
  • My baby-boyfriend, TehJack, was at today’s birthday party. TehJack somehow remembered me (um, how do little people do that!!!????), even though our little relationship was only been through Yinz Team softball last summer (who doesn’t love a TGI Friday’s menu? You? You are no longer welcome here…) and one quick visit at Stuff-A-Bus this winter…but that smile I received when I showed up? Award winning. I thank Amy for letting me tag along and hang out with my baby-boyfriend. He’s so big now!! (In other news, I’m glad Shireman didn’t ruin his and Amy’s wall while hanging their new TV.) Also- Shireman, buy that little man a check-out stand of some sort. It will MAKE YOUR DAY.
  • And, as always, I luuurve to hang out with A, @BurghBaby’s little lady. We watched some Phineas & Ferb (no clue, really) on TV. And my girl A even planted herself on my lap. I’m so happy that she finally remembers me and doesn’t hide behind @BurghBaby anymore. Whew. She even planted herself on my lap at one point… And I had to threaten to open her presents for her – that got her moving. So. Much. Fun.
  • I also saw a few new and old friends (adults) and their adorable little people. Good lordy do Pgh peeps have cute kiddos… I am NOT LYING. They are ADORABLE. All of them.

And truth be told, at the time, when I said it was training, I was totally kidding… But what’s funny now? Is that it’s totally true. I thank all of you parents for letting me hang with your kids. They are fun, unique and OMG wonderful.

I’ve met some wonderful people, including the women I spoke to today. I thank you for your comments and especially the compliments on my sewing. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. THANK YOU. 🙂

These kids do, occasionally, make me miss My Little C like a crazy lady, but having these little ones around to talk to – and OMG are they honest and true and real? -, or try to talk to (that part even more hilarious, IMHO) makes it all worth it.

And BurghMoms and Dads, Super Auntie Big C thanks you soooo much for these experiences.

When Little C is 3 or 4, I’m going to be the coolest thing ever… No kidding. Lili, this was  your warning.

Chalkboard. Kinda…

29 01 2010

Ok, so I’m not entirely happy with the way this turned out. But it’s only because matching the red of the table cloth material wasn’t quite as easy as I imagined.

However, this will work…

So, I hate the red & white side… But I dig the chalkboard side. And it will work.

This little placemat/chalkboard thingy, plus the sack o’ lunch is the birthday present for a wonderful little 4 year old whose birthday party I am attending & helping with tomorrow.

You’re wondering why is a person my age going to go to a 4 year old birthday’s party? The answer is, I volunteered to help because her mom is a good friend.

And because, after you spend an afternoon hanging out the then three year old little lady, you find out that you are officially known as “the girl with the ponytail” , and you find out that she inquires as to whether “the girl with the ponytail” will be attending events she’s going to… Well, your heart kind of melts a little bit into a nice puddle.

And when you realize that she’s very much like you were as a kid? Okay, and maybe now…  Particularly the “oh, hai, here’s my heart on a platter” part? At that point, you want to be friends with that little girl forever, and help her realize how freaking fantastic she really is.

Happy Birthday, A. I can’t wait for your party & I’m glad we’re friends. 🙂

Sack O’ Lunch.

28 01 2010

It’s done. Well, not entirely. I still have the placemat/chalkboard to finish. But it’s ready to go, all “pinned” together using paper clips since table cloth & chalkboard materials are not pin friendly.

But anyway:

THE brown "paper" bag!

The whole set, minus the placemat thingy, of course…

Please to ignore my little bobbin case & thread in the background. Oopsie.

And the sammich, bag o’ chips and swiss cake roll IN the bag:

Yep. I’m happy with it. Tomorrow I finish the chalkboard thingy. I’m excited.


In other news, Lili and I have been talking a lot about baby/toddler tutu’s lately. And I discovered in a recent trip to JoAnn’s that they sell spools of 5 or 6″ tulle. It’s in the “2 for $5” section!

So when I visited JoAnn’s this evening, I decided to buy one of said spools. My choices were tan, yellow, ugly orange, bright royal blue (which I, the OMG royal blue obsessed lady, walked away from) and purple. I chose purple, since The Nana thinks My Little C is adorable in purple & lavender.

When I got home, I looked at the label on the spool.

Do you see that? 25 yards. TWENTY FIVE YARDS of 6″ (measured it!) tulle. In bright purple. WTH am I going to do with 25 yards of purple tulle?

Um, those of you with little ladies (*ahem* BurghBaby, ClumberKim, RedPenMama, and others) would you like a purple tutu? Or three? Yes? Leave me a comment. Imma want to get rid of this stuff soon. It’s going to annoy me sooner or later…

Hooray for crazy maybe bad decisions?


27 01 2010

I’ve said before that I have a serious addiction problem with fabric & JoAnn’s. I really do. I admit it. That’s the first step, right?

Well part of that problem is JoAnn’s remnant bins. A lovely little area where they put the leftovers of a bolt of fabric. These can be as much as nearly nothing to almost a yard of fabric. All sold at a good, healthy discount.

I always stop by this little area just to see what they have to offer. And occasionally I buy things from the remnants.

The issue with this is that what I buy, I usually have NO use for at the time. But what’s amazing is that after I buy one of these remnants and let it sit there on my table or on my couch, I eventually come up with a use for it…

Like red & white checker-board and plain white table cloth fabric… No use for it at the time, but then a few days later, Lili called and said she’d like plastic-backed bibs to protect Little C’s clothes.  Result? Bibs with the table cloth fabric on the back. And on the front. Win!

Like 8mil and 4mil plastic sheeting. Yet again, no idea what I’d use it for at the time. But with a little cotton fabric & some ModPodge, you end up with plastic coated fabric that can be used in bibs! Win!

And the black chalkboard fabric. Chalkboard fabric? WTH is that?! Who cares. I’ve found a purpose for it and the purpose is freaking brilliant. Amazing!

And did you know you have to prime it? Huh?

You apparently need to rub chalk all over it and then wipe with a soft cloth… Then it’s ready for use. Huh?

Well, no matter, I’ve primed a piece of said fabric for a fun birthday project I’m working on…

Results to come soon. For now, here’s the chalkboard fabric in use, somewhat….

The return of THE AnnoyedAngel…

26 01 2010

Have you missed the “original” me? No? Well, I’m sorry, but we’re about to welcome in another era of my being annoyed. A lot.

That’s right folks, we’re about to enter the rugby tournament prep season… Where everyone and everything annoys the you-know-what out of me.

And I’ve already lied. I’m already annoyed.

What, specifically, is annoying me? College kids.

Disclaimer: Before I rant, I must admit that when I took over this tournament, teams would show up the day of the tournament with a check and expect to play. No prior contact, no advance notice. No care for the brackets and scheduling. That stopped around 3 years ago.

You see, to enter my* tournament, it’s not all that difficult. You go to the website, pay via PayPal or send us a check. We even give discounts for paying before a certain date in January, and then again for paying before March. And then you pay full price… Somewhere in there, I ask that you email us and tell us your payment is coming, whether it’s a women’s or men’s team, one or two sides, and what your school’s name is…

But year after year, we get checks from schools that don’t indicate whether it’s for men or women. This can create mass confusion when a team pays for two sides to enter.

We email the team contact when we receive such a check… occasionally, it takes DAYS for them to answer. Personally, I would think that if I KNEW my school sent in a check, or was going to send a check, I would confirm with the organizer to make sure they received said check. ASAP. But not the college kids. They will wait until 10 days before the tournament to confirm… OMG. Last minute, any one?

Having PayPal payment creates so much more fun for me. We get payments from random people, with random email addresses and payment addresses… Occasionally, the address is from somewhere in PA. So I email the payee and ask their school… Turns out, they are from somewhere in PA, but go to a school in Ohio. Or New York. Or Michigan. Wonderful.

And then there are the morons who pay via PayPal, I email them, and THEY DO NOT REPLY. To two emails. Over TWO weeks!

Well, my little collegiate friend, if you don’t get back to me ASAP, I’m going to refund your money from PayPal and your team will not be registered.

* I call this MY tournament. I’ve been running it now for 6 years or so. I claim ownership for it. If it goes well, I’m pleased. I don’t want credit for myself, just my club. I want the college kids to remember who hosted a great tournament.

If it goes poorly, I will take the blame. And I deal with all the complaints that come through during that day. (Which could be a really fun blog post, based on the past two years alone…)

We’re now at the point that it is getting very close to what I really want it to be… And, I’m now starting to train my successor, who has the same vision for the tourney as I.  🙂 Yay!

The vision? A WELL run, respectable tournament.

This? Would please me. Greatly. To NO end.

*here’s hoping*

TWO MONTHS TO GO!!! Oh, how much fun we’re going to have over the next two months!!


25 01 2010

That’s what I’ve been. Sick.

I helped out a friend last Wednesday and babysat her girls for the day. The girls were awesome! They welcomed me in and showed me their toys. It was like we were old friends! It was so much fun.

I watched Veggie Tales for the first time. And I laughed out loud. Seriously. We watched Bolt! one and a half times. We played with the Littlest Pet Shop toys (never knew that existed!)

On Thursday, my friend – the mom – ended up with the “sickness.”

Never did I think I’d get what they had a few days earlier. But I did. Oops.

So I spent much of Thursday laying about, and Friday and Saturday being sick.

I still don’t feel 100% right. So tired. All the time. Although I do feel better than I did on Friday. And Saturday, for that matter.

I’ve managed to stay awake for hours at a time now. And I’ve started a few things I mentioned before, and a new one:

Who told me to try another cross-stitch project? Maybe the sickness? Because it’s not fun. I haven’t done one in oh, forever, and it’s not fun.

Eventually that will be Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger. Not quite finished yet, obviously.

I also started that Sack Lunch from felt…

Bologna & Cheese!



Bag o’ Chips! With 6 or so individual chips… one of which might be a ridged chip (testing the waters, if you will)

And, the best thing, I think

A swiss cake roll, aka Ding Dong aka Ho-Ho. Whatever. But how cool is that?

I still have to make the bread, the baggie for the bread and the paper bag. I can’t wait. So much fun!!

The Little Ones…

19 01 2010

I’m happy to report here that Ali McMutrie and somewhere around 40+ little folk arrived here in the ‘Burgh today. See That’s Church for the whole story, and the family’s approved releases.

I’m so impressed with That’s Church and Ginny. This one event should prove to her that even though her stopping her original blog and outing herself, and all the bad stuff that went with it, it was worth it. I know it’s not a new job, she and I are in the same spot there, but helping this way? Is awesome.

Heck, I made a simple quilt for someone that made them happy and that made my month!!

I wish I had a passport & the clearances needed to work and help with those kids. I would have, had I kept with my college major. The ONE time in my life that my major would have done some good. Dang.

Or I wish I could sew those kids something that would help… Ginny if you get any requests, please, I have nothing to do all day, I’ll do it! Freebies! (aka freebies only for the BRESMA kids. I’ll sew anything they need for free. and only the BRESMA kids.)


In other news, I’m working a cute little felt sandwich set. Little sammich pieces – bread, bologna, lettuce, tomato; a bag for the sammich, a bag o’ chips with little chips inside and a brown lunch bag. HOW CUTE IS THAT?

Probably for someone else before Little C, but we’ll see.


I’ve also apparently lost my mind. I’m starting a new ring toy of death…

Tada!!! The Ring Toy of Death!!!

I sort of think I’m crazy to do it… But, everyone who has seen Littlle C’s ring toy has loved it. So I decided to try another one. Even though it was rough. At least I know sort of what I’m doing this time.

Good luck to me!


Oh, and I’m taking care of one of my Tweet friend’s girls tomorrow, and I’m super excited. They seem like energetic, fun little ladies. And I can’t wait!!! Hooray for me!

Monkey quilt.

17 01 2010

It’s done! The quilt for my friend Beth’s new newphew!

This is the first baby quilt I’ve made with a solid color flannel backing. And I love it.

I also love those awesome monkey faces!

Price increase.

16 01 2010

When I was in Florida at Christmas, I had to repair something I made for Little C. I wanted a very small needle. The Nana offered me these to choose from:

Wow. Do you see that? 48 different needles. At a cost of 25 cents. $0.25. OMG.  Plus a needle threader.

The Nana remembers buying these. A very long time ago. I’ve gone through her sewing stash a number of times, but don’t remember seeing these. She probably hid them from me since I stole a number of needles from her over the years, and promptly lost them…

The best part? The package isn’t even opened. The Nana has removed needles as needed through the plastic. Awesome.

I tried to find the same thing at Joann’s. Best I could do was this:

45 hand needles. For $2.49 (on sale for $1.99)

I used a “between” needle from the $0.25 pack and I was even a good kid and returned it to the package when done.

New projects. Take 2.

16 01 2010

Ok, so the apron I mentioned in my New projects post is in limbo.  After I washed the two fat quarters, and managed to sew them together (quite well, actually!), there isn’t enough fabric to fit the pattern. So now I have to figure out if I want to go ahead and crop off the sides, or add black or extra red fabric to the sides. I don’t know.

So I’ve put it aside for a little while to ponder.

As a result, I decided to start a new set of numbers and letters.

The letters are all solid colors. Red, yellow, green, blue and orange. And I love how they turned out:

Nice, right? Still have to make the bag to hold them and get it up on Etsy. But soon. And those are my new sheets in the background, btw. They are lovely. Lovely.

I also started a new alphabet for Etsy. Orange with tiny white dots. I got a whole alphabet out of one fat quarter. Win!!

Comic Sans, if you are wondering. And it’s coming along nicely, but I know – I KNOW – I sewed the “Z” and I can’t find it. Anywhere. It isn’t in the finished letters pile, it’s not in the to-be-sewn pile. Where the heck is the “Z”??? I searched my apartment high and low. And I CANNOT find it!!! So now I have to do some fancy sewing work with the four tiny pieces of the fabric that are left over to re-make the “Z” for the set. Major fail.

As for @beth910’s quilt, here is the completed top.  This is all from Joann’s Crunch Monkey line. Monkeys, bananas, and a fun multi-print with monkeys, elephants and frogs. Plus some fancy lime green minky type fabric.

I finally got my car out of the snow and went to Joann’s and got the backing for @beth910’s quilt. It’s going to be a plain light brown/taupe flannel… I’m washing it tomorrow and will begin the crazy process of pinning it all together. I’ll hopefully remember to take pics of that.

I’ll then add the binding which is the blue fabric with the circles on it. It’s going to be so cute!

So one fail/pause and three projects moving along nicely. I’m okay with it.


An update on the BRESMA orphanage in Haiti is up on Jane Pitt’s site. here.

Do something to help them, will you, please? If I had a passport, I’d be one of the first volunteers to get on the plane and go to help. (Yes, I hate myself for not getting a new passport a few years ago when The Nana suggested I do so…) Instead, I will be volunteering to do whatever else is needed. I’d much rather spend my unemployed time helping someone, than sitting on my couch. Indeed.

Also, Kevin Frech is still missing.