Little C’s 1st Christmas.

1 01 2010

Oh, what fun it was, Little C’s first Christmas… That tiny person has a smile that would brighten your day, and – I kid you not – has a laugh like Boo from Monsters, Inc. that could power multiple cities… I have video proof, which unfortunately due to my own rules & regulations, I cannot share here, so you have to trust me on that…

Just seeing Little C’s HUGE smile when I said good morning to her on Christmas Day was more than enough of a present for me. Just based on that alone I would have been happy all day without any gifts to open.

From what  could tell, Little C loved her presents from myself, Santa and everyone else… I could tell mostly from the shrieking and enormous smile on her face… I think she liked the box I put the bags of letters, numbers & shapes in more than the gifts themselves… It was one of those gift boxes from Target that had Santa’s face on all four sides & the top of the box was his hat. It became a drum of sorts for her… It was adorable, and she loved talking to the Santa face. Hilarious.

She definitely loved the finished version of the doll I made for her. Definitely. And how can this not make you happy, especially if you made the doll she’s hugging!!


So cute. The doll now has a name, Molly. Love it.

Molly had to get a hair cut after Little C opened her gift. Molly’s hair was way too long and hung down into her eyes. This is how she looks now:

It’s kinda like she has a pigtail mullet, I know. But it works for Molly. She rocks.

Little C received a ton of clothes and a bunch of learning & fun toys for Christmas. We really had a good time playing with the toys on Christmas Day and the day and a half afterward that I was there. I can’t really share the pics of her new fave toys – because she’s in all of them. Oh well… You have to trust me that she got some really cool toys – I recommend the Fisher-Price Stack & Roll Cups – they are really fun in many ways. Hooray! Learning is fun!

If you read this site, you know I hate mornings… But there is something awesome about a tiny person in jammies & a sleep sack… (like the pic below – it’s like a progression from the Baby Burrito!)

…with a big smile on their face being presented to you a you first open your eyes in the morning around 6:30 or 7am. You don’t care what time it is. You don’t want coffee or food. You want to hug them, speak in a soft morning voice and carry them downstairs to play for a little while. It’s absolutely wonderful! And I thank Lili for giving me that wonderful thing every morning I was visiting… I wish I had a Little C alarm clock every day!!!

In addition to what Little C received for Christmas, she was also a very, very busy little shopper!! Unbelievable, given that she is only 7 1/2 months old… But she bought me a photo calendar from Kodak Gallery’s website with pictures of her and her & I together AND a hard cover photo book from Snapfish of photos of her from her first 6 months. Pretty good for a 7 1/2 month old, huh? I love both gifts! Both grandparents also received the photo book as well. Talk about good shopping by Little C. Geez…

Apparently all of us (Lili, myself, The Nana and NE’s mom) thought that someone else was buying Little C a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament… And none of us did. Oops. This resulted in The Nana and I trying to find one the last few days and finally deciding on one you personalize yourself. And it resulted in my sister ordering one online. We aren’t sure if NE’s mom tried to find one too. Oh well, Little C will have 2-3 first Christmas ornaments… She deserves them all…



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