So long 2009.

1 01 2010

I sent 2009 on its way last night doing something I haven’t done in a long, long time. I spent it with the ruggers. A whole house full of them. And you know what? It was great. Really great. And really fun.  I kid you not.

90% of the people I love in the PRFC were there. And those people make all the difference… I got to hang out with the Mechanical Engineer, who I never get to see anymore. We watched Travis Pastrana do this together… And really, there is no one else I’d rather watch those kinds of things with but the ME…

And my buddy DJ Cannonball was there to DJ… It was almost like my last night @ruggerspub, but of course, different… I’m happy to say I danced the last dance with my DJ Cannonball… We’ve been through a lot, he and I… And I love him dearly… I’m so glad we escaped all those crazy times to be such good friends…

I asked FM to meet me at the rugby party. I expected a big old “NO!” from him. Instead, I got an ok and an ETA. He arrived and much to my surprise, I spent most of my NYE with him. He’s part of the reason I didn’t make the plunge this morning…

And I don’t regret missing the plunge. Yes, I’m sad that I missed it… But I’m happy I spent NYE with my rugger friends and FM.

And for your wonderful viewing pleasure, I give you this… It’s sideways, I know. But really it couldn’t be any better if it was straight up…

I love you, my ruggers. Always. You’re always part of my family when I’m away from them in Florida… Between you guys and Yinz Team, I always have family here… And I thank you for that, and my family also loves you for it. Even those of you who weren’t there last night… And those of you I didn’t see this morning…

Thank you for this past year and for the years to come. I can’t wait to see what is coming our way…




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