Bocktown & Basketball.

3 01 2010

I did two big new things tonight… Three, actually.

One: I went to Boctown. FINALLY. Good lord did it take me forever to get there… But I went, I ate, I drank. And I suggest everyone else who knows me does the same. Immediately. I had dinner with some great people: UncleCrappy, MrsCrappy, Father Spoon, GoBobbo and Uncapd…

Two: I met Chris, aka @uncapd, the lady behind Bocktown… Apparently she had heard of me beforehand. I really hope it was mostly good and that I lived up to whatever she had heard… I know me, and that whole “I’ve heard about you!” thing kind of freaks me out… There are many things you could have heard… Oopsie…  I also finally met, in person, GoBobbo… Seen him a kagillion times in person, but never met him officially till tonight… I’m a moron. We know this…

Three: I went to a college basketball game. On purpose. Somewhere, Calipanthergrl is doing a happy dance over this event… Us OU alums (myself and both of the Crappy folk) went to see our alma mater take on RMU. We lost. But it was a good time. Really.

Don’t you love how craptastic my camera is when using the flash?? Yeah, me too… Sir Spoon did try… He didn’t fail, my camera did.  That’s me and my fellow alums in front of the super bus OU apparently now has….. I’m barely recognizable, thanks to my new fancy winter coat… And Uncle and Mrs Crappy are barely seeable… Boo to the camera. But yay to a fun evening…

Also, I’m sure, given the chance, us OU alums would steal that bus. Just sayin….

I have to thank UncleCrappy and MrsCrappy and Father Spoon for tonight. It was great. Not just because of the good food and company, but because I never would have thought to go see OU play basketball ever. And it was a really fun time. Thanks y’all.




2 responses

3 01 2010

I had a blast last night! thanks for comin out! Ironically that was my first ever RMU game and first college game since the 80’s.

5 01 2010
Uncle Crappy

Now when I complain about Mrs. Crappy’s laser eyes, you’ll all know what I’m talking about.

We should do that again. Maybe for an RMU hockey game?

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