Over Fifty.

3 01 2010

Over fifty… That is the number of fabrics I have on hand. Actually, no it’s not.

I have MORE than fifty. I didn’t bother with some of the terry, fleece, clothing or jersey fabrics I have. Nor did I bother with the solid color cottons… That would take me up to 60 or so.

In an attempt to start a new option for Little C and Me, I took pics of 50 fabrics today to give to my sister so that her mommy friends in Florida can see if there’s anything they’d want. I’ve said before, I’ll make you just about anything. And it seemed easiest to just send them pics of fabrics.

The good thing about those 50+ fabrics, a good portion of them are fat quarters. Just small 20-22″ squares/rectangles. Another good portion is sets of fabrics… And I’d say 90% or more were purchased on sale, on clearance or with coupons from Joann’s…

Some of my favorites? Here ya go!

pink skulls


black skulls cherries

noah_animal circles

FQ nesting dolls

FQ dog girl

turtle_turtle square circles


Goodness… Fabric is fun!!!




2 responses

3 01 2010

The nesting dolls one is my favorite. 🙂

3 01 2010

OMG. I know! I will be honest and say I almost didn’t post that one – for my post or the Lili password-protected one. Lili LOVES nesting dolls. I only bought that FQ for her!!! I’m hoping she claims it the second she sees it!!! Nesting dolls are so much fun. And a fabric that has nesting dolls? Awesome! I tried to find more, but I could only find one FQ…. Boo!

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