Over a week later…

5 01 2010

I’m going to answer a little question I sent to my Twitter friends:

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. But I was surprised to receive ONE reply. From Rhonda.

While I thank Rhonda for trying, she was wrong. But honestly people… None of you even bothered to do a Google search? Geez…

This is a Tervis Tumbler.

I’ll be honest. Until The Nana and The GrandPa migrated to Florida, I had never heard of the Tervis Tumbler either. But many people have. Including the folks at ESPN.

From the Tervis Tumbler website:

Keeps Hot Drinks Hotter & Cold Drinks Colder Longer
Double-walled insulation does more than just reduce condensation and rings.  It also helps keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for a longer time!  In fact, hot drinks can stay hot up to 3 hours even without a lid.  Hot drinks with a lid can last as long as 6 hours!

Tervis Tumblers are made in North Venice, FL. Just near my parents house. I always know I’m headed to the airport to come home when we pass their factory on the right side of the highway on the way to Tampa. 😦

But really, they are sturdy, guaranteed plastic drinkware. I kid you not. From personal experience and this:

Guaranteed for Life
Tervis Tumblers are virtually indestructible!  We want your Tervis Tumblers to work well & look great forever.  That’s why we put so much effort into ensuring they are nothing short of superior quality.  But if, despite our uncompromising dedication, your Tervis Tumbler should become defective in any way, just return it to us & we will gladly replace it.

I now own four 12 oz tumblers and four 8 oz ones. I don’t use them much except in the summer. These things, packed with ice and whatever beverage (I’ve done water, Coke/Ginger Ale and a Rum & Coke once in them) do not sweat like the rest of your plastic glassware…

When I first learned of these things, they had a handful of designs. They now have even more and can CUSTOM MAKE designs too! The Nana and The GrandPa even found custom ones at the outlet near them!! Sweet!

The also have Collegiate products… ahem, Crappy family: PAY ATTENTION:


OSU Block

OSU Wrap

And this one is for Calipanthergrl…


They also make travel lids and straws… You really should check them out… Lili got a bunch of them for Christmas since all they had was glass and Little C is about to be running around knocking everything over that gets in her way…

But the best thing I have from Tervis is a gift from The GrandPa. You see, when The Nana & The GrandPa went to buy Lili’s glasses, The GrandPa found something awesome…

And I heard about it. And when I saw it, I said out loud it was great. And when we returned to my parents home after Christmas, The GrandPa wandered down the hallway a night or two before I left… With this awesome thing in his hand. And he told me he wanted me to have it. And bring it back to the ‘Burgh. He could get another one…

Do you see that?That is a 17 oz. Mug from Tervis Tumbler. And that fancy Steeler emblem?  It’s an embroidered Steelers logo… Inside the Tervis Tumbler…

Yeah. Tervis Tumblers are pretty cool.

And The GrandPa rocks for giving me this…

As a trade, which was unrelated to the mug, he got to go to the Dolphin-Steeler game this past Sunday at Dolphin Stadium (I will NOT call it the other name!) with Lili. And I’m so happy for him. 🙂

To be honest, they have other NFL and MLB designs… NE got these for Christmas, separate from the set he & Lili received.

As we’ve agreed, I’ll give him the Red Sox one… But not the Pats… NE knows enough to not take the Pats one to work even! I kinda feel bad for that one, and it’s not even me involved!! So glad he’s an awesome brother-in-law!




5 responses

5 01 2010
The Purple Pinkie

Hee Hee, I will admit, I as too lazy to Google it! I will also admit, I’ve never heard of them and agree that they are awesome!

5 01 2010

Hey, you actually answered!! No one else did, or googled!!! That means you win the award of us trying (yet again) to find a night we can hang out or meet up or something… Based on past evidence, good luck on that one… But I know we’ll try!!!

6 01 2010

I wish I had seen your tweet. LL Bean has been selling them with dog breed designs for a while.

6 01 2010

Those???! Of course, I know what those are! I just didn’t know they were a specific brand name.

I’ve used them for years and, in fact, own a couple of UL ones that my bff bought for me. Maybe they’re just bigger in the south because they’re made in Florida.

At any rate, they seem to be popping up all over the place lately, including at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Crazy.

6 01 2010

I got three glasses from my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas. Unfortunately they have the Steelers emblem inside…

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