Bravery. I haz none.

6 01 2010

A long, long time ago, I wrote the posts about Echo… And in the third installment, I mentioned that I asked my parents to hold onto a few toys for me… Specifically a catnip fish and ball…

I had wanted them to send them to me or bring them on their next visit to the ‘Burgh…

That didn’t happen. So I assumed (dumb) that maybe they gave them away or threw them away without telling me…

I was wrong.

I’ve ignored but respected the remains of Echo for about 15 months now. I can’t face the entire idea, even now. It turns out that at least The Nana is as afraid to breach the subject, same as I.

But when I was on my little vacation in Florida, I not only saw what we don’t talk about… I also found what I thought they lost. The toys I asked for. And Echo’s food dish… The GrandPa saved them all…

Unfortunately they were in a clear container in the garage. And I saw them. First the dish… With little fish around it… Then the damn ball… I’m so happy that The Nana and The GrandPa saved them for me… But I couldn’t bring myself to grab it off of the shelf and ask The Nana about it…

I assume the little mousey thing was in there too…

Hope I’m brave enough to look next time…




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