Funky… And SNOW.

7 01 2010

First off, funky…

I bought this fabric a while ago, and didn’t think most people I know with kids would like it.

pink skulls

But then I talked to my sister. She wanted a bib/burp cloth for someone’s baby shower. And she thought this fabric would be perfect for the job! (She also had a zillion other ideas for things I can make, and we’ll get to those later.)

And of course, I couldn’t say no to Lili. So her set is 95% done:

Just need to add the snap closure for the top of it… Sorry the pic is a bit blurry, I took it with the camera on my phone… But how cute is that?! Awesome!

Secondly, snow. It’s snowing. Again.

Since I’m not working right now, the road conditions mean nothing to me. I’ve been walking anywhere I need to go… I love where I live, everything I need is within decent walking distance.

But what stinks is that Lili is supposed to fly to Ohio tomorrow to see her best friend and said friend’s new adorable baby boy for the weekend and this snow might mess up her plans or make her unable to get there… I really, really hope the snow doesn’t interfere with her travel plans and that she arrives safe.

In other news, My Little C started crawling today!! Woo hoo Little C!! By the time I visit for her 1st birthday, she’ll be running around like a little crazy person. Sigh. I can’t wait to chase her around!




2 responses

10 01 2010
Uncle Crappy

Um. I think I know someone who told you months ago how cool that fabric was…

11 01 2010
Burgh Baby

That is some seriously cool fabric. Nice find!

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