9 01 2010

I decided to post this in an effort to spread the word…

My friend BurghBaby wrote this post after reading an article from the NY Times. And another friend, Dawn, wrote this post after reading the post by BurghBaby…

They are compiling a list of companies who are wasteful. When they publish their list, I’m going to post it here so that we can help spread the word…

What it comes down to is a bunch of major retailers are purposefully damaging clothing and goods when they become old/unsaleable rather than donating them to a charitable organization.

I worked retail back in high school, and I don’t remember this ever being an issue. Until I worked at Au Bon Pain. I mostly worked the opening shift at the mall location, but once or twice I worked the closing shift. And I do remember that they tried to donate whatever was left at the end of the day…

This whole thing is ridiculous. Thankfully, most of the stores on the list of “shredders” are ones where I never shop, but it’s entirely depressing.

Seriously people.

What I can tell you, from my own experience, is that thanks to a few very conscious people with the rugby club, we attempt to donate or use everything leftover after our tournaments. We go through many, many, many cases of burgers & hot dogs & the associated buns & fixings at the two we host every year. Depending on weather conditions and such, sometimes things are leftover. Not often, but sometimes. And every time, we either keep things frozen and use them for a post-match social, or attempt to donate to a local shelter or food bank.

Given the list of places that now suck, I’m so proud of my ruggers for being so charitable.

And people think all we do is play a violent sport and drink beer. Oh, how wrong you are. How entirely wrong you are.




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10 01 2010

in addition to the shredding and stuff, the way the companies package the clothing is just so, so, so wasteful in every way. when i worked at K-mrt, in the stock room I would almost cry as I unloaded crate after crate of clothes, each garment individually sheathed in plastic and then bagged in groups of 5 or so in MORE plastic. plus, each shirt (for example) had a sheet of tissue paper inside and little plastic clips “shaping” each garment on the attached hanger. there is so much waste out there. so much.

11 01 2010
Burgh Baby

You are amazing. That is all.

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