New projects. Take 2.

16 01 2010

Ok, so the apron I mentioned in my New projects post is in limbo.  After I washed the two fat quarters, and managed to sew them together (quite well, actually!), there isn’t enough fabric to fit the pattern. So now I have to figure out if I want to go ahead and crop off the sides, or add black or extra red fabric to the sides. I don’t know.

So I’ve put it aside for a little while to ponder.

As a result, I decided to start a new set of numbers and letters.

The letters are all solid colors. Red, yellow, green, blue and orange. And I love how they turned out:

Nice, right? Still have to make the bag to hold them and get it up on Etsy. But soon. And those are my new sheets in the background, btw. They are lovely. Lovely.

I also started a new alphabet for Etsy. Orange with tiny white dots. I got a whole alphabet out of one fat quarter. Win!!

Comic Sans, if you are wondering. And it’s coming along nicely, but I know – I KNOW – I sewed the “Z” and I can’t find it. Anywhere. It isn’t in the finished letters pile, it’s not in the to-be-sewn pile. Where the heck is the “Z”??? I searched my apartment high and low. And I CANNOT find it!!! So now I have to do some fancy sewing work with the four tiny pieces of the fabric that are left over to re-make the “Z” for the set. Major fail.

As for @beth910’s quilt, here is the completed top.  This is all from Joann’s Crunch Monkey line. Monkeys, bananas, and a fun multi-print with monkeys, elephants and frogs. Plus some fancy lime green minky type fabric.

I finally got my car out of the snow and went to Joann’s and got the backing for @beth910’s quilt. It’s going to be a plain light brown/taupe flannel… I’m washing it tomorrow and will begin the crazy process of pinning it all together. I’ll hopefully remember to take pics of that.

I’ll then add the binding which is the blue fabric with the circles on it. It’s going to be so cute!

So one fail/pause and three projects moving along nicely. I’m okay with it.


An update on the BRESMA orphanage in Haiti is up on Jane Pitt’s site. here.

Do something to help them, will you, please? If I had a passport, I’d be one of the first volunteers to get on the plane and go to help. (Yes, I hate myself for not getting a new passport a few years ago when The Nana suggested I do so…) Instead, I will be volunteering to do whatever else is needed. I’d much rather spend my unemployed time helping someone, than sitting on my couch. Indeed.

Also, Kevin Frech is still missing.




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