Price increase.

16 01 2010

When I was in Florida at Christmas, I had to repair something I made for Little C. I wanted a very small needle. The Nana offered me these to choose from:

Wow. Do you see that? 48 different needles. At a cost of 25 cents. $0.25. OMG.  Plus a needle threader.

The Nana remembers buying these. A very long time ago. I’ve gone through her sewing stash a number of times, but don’t remember seeing these. She probably hid them from me since I stole a number of needles from her over the years, and promptly lost them…

The best part? The package isn’t even opened. The Nana has removed needles as needed through the plastic. Awesome.

I tried to find the same thing at Joann’s. Best I could do was this:

45 hand needles. For $2.49 (on sale for $1.99)

I used a “between” needle from the $0.25 pack and I was even a good kid and returned it to the package when done.




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