The Little Ones…

19 01 2010

I’m happy to report here that Ali McMutrie and somewhere around 40+ little folk arrived here in the ‘Burgh today. See That’s Church for the whole story, and the family’s approved releases.

I’m so impressed with That’s Church and Ginny. This one event should prove to her that even though her stopping her original blog and outing herself, and all the bad stuff that went with it, it was worth it. I know it’s not a new job, she and I are in the same spot there, but helping this way? Is awesome.

Heck, I made a simple quilt for someone that made them happy and that made my month!!

I wish I had a passport & the clearances needed to work and help with those kids. I would have, had I kept with my college major. The ONE time in my life that my major would have done some good. Dang.

Or I wish I could sew those kids something that would help… Ginny if you get any requests, please, I have nothing to do all day, I’ll do it! Freebies! (aka freebies only for the BRESMA kids. I’ll sew anything they need for free. and only the BRESMA kids.)


In other news, I’m working a cute little felt sandwich set. Little sammich pieces – bread, bologna, lettuce, tomato; a bag for the sammich, a bag o’ chips with little chips inside and a brown lunch bag. HOW CUTE IS THAT?

Probably for someone else before Little C, but we’ll see.


I’ve also apparently lost my mind. I’m starting a new ring toy of death…

Tada!!! The Ring Toy of Death!!!

I sort of think I’m crazy to do it… But, everyone who has seen Littlle C’s ring toy has loved it. So I decided to try another one. Even though it was rough. At least I know sort of what I’m doing this time.

Good luck to me!


Oh, and I’m taking care of one of my Tweet friend’s girls tomorrow, and I’m super excited. They seem like energetic, fun little ladies. And I can’t wait!!! Hooray for me!




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