25 01 2010

That’s what I’ve been. Sick.

I helped out a friend last Wednesday and babysat her girls for the day. The girls were awesome! They welcomed me in and showed me their toys. It was like we were old friends! It was so much fun.

I watched Veggie Tales for the first time. And I laughed out loud. Seriously. We watched Bolt! one and a half times. We played with the Littlest Pet Shop toys (never knew that existed!)

On Thursday, my friend – the mom – ended up with the “sickness.”

Never did I think I’d get what they had a few days earlier. But I did. Oops.

So I spent much of Thursday laying about, and Friday and Saturday being sick.

I still don’t feel 100% right. So tired. All the time. Although I do feel better than I did on Friday. And Saturday, for that matter.

I’ve managed to stay awake for hours at a time now. And I’ve started a few things I mentioned before, and a new one:

Who told me to try another cross-stitch project? Maybe the sickness? Because it’s not fun. I haven’t done one in oh, forever, and it’s not fun.

Eventually that will be Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger. Not quite finished yet, obviously.

I also started that Sack Lunch from felt…

Bologna & Cheese!



Bag o’ Chips! With 6 or so individual chips… one of which might be a ridged chip (testing the waters, if you will)

And, the best thing, I think

A swiss cake roll, aka Ding Dong aka Ho-Ho. Whatever. But how cool is that?

I still have to make the bread, the baggie for the bread and the paper bag. I can’t wait. So much fun!!




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25 01 2010
Burgh Baby

Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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