The return of THE AnnoyedAngel…

26 01 2010

Have you missed the “original” me? No? Well, I’m sorry, but we’re about to welcome in another era of my being annoyed. A lot.

That’s right folks, we’re about to enter the rugby tournament prep season… Where everyone and everything annoys the you-know-what out of me.

And I’ve already lied. I’m already annoyed.

What, specifically, is annoying me? College kids.

Disclaimer: Before I rant, I must admit that when I took over this tournament, teams would show up the day of the tournament with a check and expect to play. No prior contact, no advance notice. No care for the brackets and scheduling. That stopped around 3 years ago.

You see, to enter my* tournament, it’s not all that difficult. You go to the website, pay via PayPal or send us a check. We even give discounts for paying before a certain date in January, and then again for paying before March. And then you pay full price… Somewhere in there, I ask that you email us and tell us your payment is coming, whether it’s a women’s or men’s team, one or two sides, and what your school’s name is…

But year after year, we get checks from schools that don’t indicate whether it’s for men or women. This can create mass confusion when a team pays for two sides to enter.

We email the team contact when we receive such a check… occasionally, it takes DAYS for them to answer. Personally, I would think that if I KNEW my school sent in a check, or was going to send a check, I would confirm with the organizer to make sure they received said check. ASAP. But not the college kids. They will wait until 10 days before the tournament to confirm… OMG. Last minute, any one?

Having PayPal payment creates so much more fun for me. We get payments from random people, with random email addresses and payment addresses… Occasionally, the address is from somewhere in PA. So I email the payee and ask their school… Turns out, they are from somewhere in PA, but go to a school in Ohio. Or New York. Or Michigan. Wonderful.

And then there are the morons who pay via PayPal, I email them, and THEY DO NOT REPLY. To two emails. Over TWO weeks!

Well, my little collegiate friend, if you don’t get back to me ASAP, I’m going to refund your money from PayPal and your team will not be registered.

* I call this MY tournament. I’ve been running it now for 6 years or so. I claim ownership for it. If it goes well, I’m pleased. I don’t want credit for myself, just my club. I want the college kids to remember who hosted a great tournament.

If it goes poorly, I will take the blame. And I deal with all the complaints that come through during that day. (Which could be a really fun blog post, based on the past two years alone…)

We’re now at the point that it is getting very close to what I really want it to be… And, I’m now starting to train my successor, who has the same vision for the tourney as I.  🙂 Yay!

The vision? A WELL run, respectable tournament.

This? Would please me. Greatly. To NO end.

*here’s hoping*

TWO MONTHS TO GO!!! Oh, how much fun we’re going to have over the next two months!!




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