Chalkboard. Kinda…

29 01 2010

Ok, so I’m not entirely happy with the way this turned out. But it’s only because matching the red of the table cloth material wasn’t quite as easy as I imagined.

However, this will work…

So, I hate the red & white side… But I dig the chalkboard side. And it will work.

This little placemat/chalkboard thingy, plus the sack o’ lunch is the birthday present for a wonderful little 4 year old whose birthday party I am attending & helping with tomorrow.

You’re wondering why is a person my age going to go to a 4 year old birthday’s party? The answer is, I volunteered to help because her mom is a good friend.

And because, after you spend an afternoon hanging out the then three year old little lady, you find out that you are officially known as “the girl with the ponytail” , and you find out that she inquires as to whether “the girl with the ponytail” will be attending events she’s going to… Well, your heart kind of melts a little bit into a nice puddle.

And when you realize that she’s very much like you were as a kid? Okay, and maybe now…  Particularly the “oh, hai, here’s my heart on a platter” part? At that point, you want to be friends with that little girl forever, and help her realize how freaking fantastic she really is.

Happy Birthday, A. I can’t wait for your party & I’m glad we’re friends. 🙂



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29 01 2010
Burgh Baby


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