30 01 2010

A long time ago, before Little C was born, I told my Burgh Mom friends that by hanging out with their kids I was training to be an Aunt. A super awesome Aunt. I even told my mom & Lili…

So my training, not in order, no big deal:

  • I’ve talked rocks with @ClumberKim’s daughter, E, when she came to watch rugby… (and I have a play date scheduled for Sunday with E. We’re gonna have SO. MUCH. FUN.)
  • I’ve made my little man, Teaspoon, a quilt… A quilt with little Teaspoons with feet and faces. So cute! (reminder to myself: need to play with Teaspoon soon.) Based on recent pics from Spoon, Teaspoon is still adorable and as hilarious as his daddy. I wish all the best to Teaspoon’s mommy based on that last sentence…
  • I’ve babysat for @RedPenMama’s girls. And they were ANGELS. (until I left the house, apparently.)
  • I recently, today, had a fun convo with @ScottSweep’s daughter, J,  about what she gave A for her birthday…
  • My baby-boyfriend, TehJack, was at today’s birthday party. TehJack somehow remembered me (um, how do little people do that!!!????), even though our little relationship was only been through Yinz Team softball last summer (who doesn’t love a TGI Friday’s menu? You? You are no longer welcome here…) and one quick visit at Stuff-A-Bus this winter…but that smile I received when I showed up? Award winning. I thank Amy for letting me tag along and hang out with my baby-boyfriend. He’s so big now!! (In other news, I’m glad Shireman didn’t ruin his and Amy’s wall while hanging their new TV.) Also- Shireman, buy that little man a check-out stand of some sort. It will MAKE YOUR DAY.
  • And, as always, I luuurve to hang out with A, @BurghBaby’s little lady. We watched some Phineas & Ferb (no clue, really) on TV. And my girl A even planted herself on my lap. I’m so happy that she finally remembers me and doesn’t hide behind @BurghBaby anymore. Whew. She even planted herself on my lap at one point… And I had to threaten to open her presents for her – that got her moving. So. Much. Fun.
  • I also saw a few new and old friends (adults) and their adorable little people. Good lordy do Pgh peeps have cute kiddos… I am NOT LYING. They are ADORABLE. All of them.

And truth be told, at the time, when I said it was training, I was totally kidding… But what’s funny now? Is that it’s totally true. I thank all of you parents for letting me hang with your kids. They are fun, unique and OMG wonderful.

I’ve met some wonderful people, including the women I spoke to today. I thank you for your comments and especially the compliments on my sewing. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. THANK YOU. 🙂

These kids do, occasionally, make me miss My Little C like a crazy lady, but having these little ones around to talk to – and OMG are they honest and true and real? -, or try to talk to (that part even more hilarious, IMHO) makes it all worth it.

And BurghMoms and Dads, Super Auntie Big C thanks you soooo much for these experiences.

When Little C is 3 or 4, I’m going to be the coolest thing ever… No kidding. Lili, this was  your warning.




4 responses

31 01 2010

Didn’t The Nugget help you conquer some fear of breaking an infant?

You’re a wonderful Aunt!

31 01 2010

OMG. The Nugget is the ONLY reason holding an infant doesn’t scare the living daylights out of me. TRUTH.

2 02 2010
Burgh Baby

Why isn’t that super fun sewing project on your Etsy site yet? HUH? Don’t make me take more pictures of it and force you to post it!

2 02 2010

Just because I haven’t bought the supplies to make another set yet! That’s on the list for this weekend. 🙂 Oh, and the whole “for personal use only” thing freaks me out.

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