For my little dudes…

26 02 2010

I ventured to Facebook today and saw something that made me shake so badly I couldn’t use my phone or type for a few minutes. And it left me so befuddled. And heartbroken.

Two of my favorite little dudes on the planet (The Nugget and his little bro Q) lost their mom yesterday…

File this under things little people should never have to know about or deal with… EVER.  And things my good friends, specifically in this instance, PghRugbyRef, should never have to convey to their totally cool little dudes. EVER.

If you read this blog, and the comments, you would have seen a comment from PghRugbyRef on the Training… post… And honestly, I should have addressed this truth earlier:

PghRugbyRef: Didn’t The Nugget help you conquer some fear of breaking an infant?

And my response:

PghRugbyAngel: OMG. The Nugget is the ONLY reason holding an infant doesn’t scare the living daylights out of me. TRUTH.

The Nugget IS the ONLY reason holding a baby doesn’t freak me the heck out anymore. He and I spent awesome quality time watching TV while he was strapped to me in a little carrier thingy.  I totally fell in love with him that day…

Toddlers also do not terrify me anymore, because The Nugget and I spent countless hours playing with a big yellow ball (I wish I had pictures of it! It had a smiley face!) at Boyce Park while PghRugbyRef did his ref thing. That was so much fun!!! Really… My love for The Nugget continued…

The Nugget and I, and his daddy also spent a really cold but funny day up at my rugby tournament getting things ready. Pretty sure I spent more time chasing that kiddo around than I did doing actual work for my tournament, but I’d have it no other way.

The Nugget now has a little brother, Q… And their daddy, PghRugbyRef, is a super awesome dad, and when he says he’s bringing the boys somewhere, well, I show up too… They are both awesome little dudes, I love them both! And they can distract me from rugby & make me give away my Chick-Fil-A fries (to Q,) get me to kick a rugby ball (The Nugget) with bare feet. (Turns out it’s pretty painful. Who knew… ) and make me play and run around whenever I see them. I love these little dudes…

My heart is literally breaking for these little guys. And for PghRugbyRef.  I can’t imagine what my little trio of guys is going through…

I know PghRugbyRef. I know he’s handling telling my little buddies the right stuff, in the right way. And I know he’ll be there for them through thick & thin. He’s a super daddy. Really.

To PghRugbyRef:  I want you to know that I’m here, you know I love your boys and you, and feel free to call me out to babysit whenever, where ever, for whatever reason. Also, I’d be quite happy to hang with them (weather permitting – we don’t want them out there in a blizzard n’at) at Coopers if you still are able to come out – both for prep stuff and for ref stuff. (For ref stuff, w/ ok weather, they can hang w/ me in my big ol’ monster tent… It’s sad but true, I’m better w/ humans under 10 years old as opposed to those over 20…) Or if you have a sitter and want to grab a beer & lunch or dinner? I’m here for that too. Whatever you need. Pretty sure same goes for the BirthdayGirl…

We’re here for you and the little dudes, buster. We love you guys.

Midgie: Update, pt 2…

25 02 2010

This late post is in true time, due to a long-running rugby meeting and my Midgie.

So, when we last left my Midgie, her battery seemed to be dead. She wouldn’t start, and obviously could not move… Midgie did NOT have snow pack on her. She’s free and clear of snow. She was when I moved her from her alley spot to her main street position. I like a free of snow car.

I called my dealership and found out that while they’d love to help me with the inspection, new tires, oil change etc., but the dead battery could cause a problem. Seems a dead battery erases all the emissions info they need for the inspection. Huh?

In the event I got a boost to my battery, I needed to drive 150 miles before I could get everything taken care of.

WONDERFUL. Just what I need.

Granted, I do have some errands to run…. If I don’t see a Joann’s store within 4 days, I’m sure I’ll die. (And, I’ll owe two friends some $$$) It’s been 2 weeks or more, since I’ve seen a Joann’s people!!! But 150 miles? Where the heck am I going to run up that kind of mileage? Especially with 3-6″ of snow coming this weekend. (Also, I’m so over snow right now. I liked it the first weekend, dealt with it till now. Now I want it to GO AWAY. Forever.)

Anyway, earlier today, I went out on my grocery walk, (I’m making a couple of bacon & spinach quiches this weekend. One to keep, one to freeze. I love me some quiche…)  Including a stop at my Midgie. She wasn’t budging. She told me to stuff it, basically.

So, this evening, my very wonderful friend, CPG came by to pick me up for a meeting. She has this fancy battery jump thingy that plugs into your “formerly known as” cigarette lighter spot…. Sweet! Except when I met CPG at the Midgie, and sat down to try to start the Midgie… She freaking started right up. No less than 4 hours since my last attempt. I shut her down and she started again…. Hrmmmm….

The only difference I noticed was that the other day when Midgie would not start was my gas gauge at over 1/4 of a tank… and then today at absolute E. Um….

CPG gave me a lift to the meeting, because I felt that Midgie was trying to tease me. I know my Midgie loves me, but other cars have been such a tease. Especially that blue devil that was out to kill me… (I probably still owe you that story. If I do, leave me a reminder in the comments. It’s a good story.)

I left the meeting with Birthday Girl. We stopped at the Midgie and she again started right up.


Since I have spent nearly every day since I got her, driving my car or looking out my window at her, I can only assume she was cold and missed me. Right?

We went to Get Go, and on GrandPa’s advice, I kept her running while I re-fueled her. I spent $20 – at $2.75/gallon. That’s really not much… And got inside and saw my gauge at nearly full. Um, 1/4 or E to nearly full? Midgie, what are you doing???

I also took a very long route back home to warm her up and let her know I loved her… I stopped and turned her off once more close to home….

And she started again. Um, I can only assume she was lonely and cold. And I’ll stand by that….

Once, or if, you hear the blue devil car story, you’ll understand why I looove my Midgie and know she must have been pissed that she was left so cold and lonely.

We parked relatively close to home and I’ll call my dealership again tomorrow to see what they say… Hoping I can just deliver her there and she can get some dealership love and come back to me as my good ol’ Midgie. I need her. I love her.

Here’s hoping…. In 6 months I’ll own her free & clear. She’s the first car that I’ve ever had that I don’t want to buy the newer version (although the new Aveo’s are pretty sweet…) and I don’t even want to trade her in for a 4wd version of a vehicle….

I love my Midgie. LOVE.

Midgie: Update…

20 02 2010

Ok. So I went out to un-ice the Midgie’s crappy tires. Entirely my fault. I’m sorry, Midgie. I love you…

I took cardboard with me for traction. I kicked and I dug and I shoveled.

And before I laid out the cardboard, I tried to start up the Midgie.

And she told me to go to h-e-double hockey sticks.

Her battery is dead. Just what I needed.

She was not covered in snow. I removed her from that crap as soon as I could. And she made it out.

And now she won’t start. And I made an effort to start her every 2-3 days since her rescue…

Which means, a call to my dealership to arrange for my late inspection, new tires, and perhaps new battery (oh goody, since I’m rolling in money…) and a call to AAA to give me a battery boost.

Just great. Tons o’ fun. Love it. LOOOOVE. Wonderful.

And Imma need someone to pick me up from the dealership and drop me  back home b/c it’s prolly gonna take a while and I don’t want to be at the dealership for that long. Days, perhaps.

Oh, so much fun, next week. I can haz Florida life now?


20 02 2010

I have to say that lately my food choices are fair. Not great…  I have to watch what I buy because I have to carry it home on my back or in the insulated grocery bag that I have.

I had to get groceries the other night. And I’ve been trying to figure out what I can buy that won’t weigh a ton, but will make a decent dinner, and also leave me with some leftovers for the next few days.

And I found the perfect recipe. I used to make this at My Living Room on Sundays sometimes for my co-workers & some friends. It’s super easy, can be adjusted to make more or less as needed, and I figured I may as well share it here…

My sister came up with this while my parents were visiting her a while back. They didn’t want to go out to dinner, so she used what she had at home. I’ve named it Lili’s Ravioli…

This cost me less than $15 to buy all of the ingredients, including the seasoning, which I had run out of.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 pound chicken, cooked with Italian seasoning – I usually buy the tenderloins rather than the full breasts

I got this at Whole Foods for just $1.99!

  • 1 jar Marinara sauce (any one is fine, just not one with meat or meat flavoring.) I usually get this one:

  • 1 bag cheese ravioli (I just get whatever is on sale in the frozen section)

  • 1 large bag shredded mozzarella cheese, or  italian blend

  • Cut the cooked chicken in to bite sized pieces. I usually cut it and then shred some of it as I put things together to make it less chunky & distribute the chicken throughout the whole dish.
  • Prepare ravioli according to package directions & drain. (Note: these suckers are HOT! be careful when you get to the next step!)
  • In an 8×8 baking dish (or larger if you’re making more), layer sauce, ravioli & chicken until all ingredients are used. You might end up with a few left over raviolis

  • Top with cheese and bake at 350 degrees until cheese on top is melted and dish is heated through.

Yummy!! I also took a Ciabatta roll I had picked up at Whole foods and made some garlic bread.

Time for dinner! Woo hoo!

Olympics & the un-holiday.

14 02 2010

Woo hoo! It’s Winter Olympics time. One of my favorite things ever. I like the Summer version, but the Winter ones really have my heart.

I really try to watch the opening ceremonies every year. This year was okay. After Beijing, I think it’s going to be hard to do something more breathtaking than they did.


I did really like how they used the floor and the video cameras. I tried to find an overhead pic of the whales, but couldn’t.  The other one I really loved was this:


And, I was surprised I didn’t see pics of this DURING the ceremony, but apparently it’s part of the advertising for the Olympics. The Inukshuk


I’ve talked about that figure before here. The damn Inukshuk is determined that I find my way one of these day.

My mom has always loved watching figure skating. My favorite is speed skating. But really, I’ll watch any winter sport they show. Luge, skeleton, Nordic Combined… whatever. You put it on TV and I’ll check it out.

I managed to watch Ohno’s final last night after I got home. I watched the prelims earlier in the day. But, long track speed skating is my favorite. I watched the men’s 5000m yesterday. And tonight the women start with the 3000m. I can’t wait to see it. (Also, interested to know if you think the women’s thighs are really that much bigger than most female athletes… Please comment…)

In other news, we’re getting more snow. Wonderful. 2-4″ more reasons to want to move away. Great.

Also, I had a wonderful night out Saturday night. We had a very late dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse (steak! nom nom nom) and then saw Crazyheart. (While we both liked the movie, we didn’t think it was as good as the hype…)

And FM even bought me chocolates for Valentine’s Day! (even though I had told him I think it’s an un-holiday.) 🙂 He’s pretty cool. He has now earned his originally requested name of “Rockstar.” We’ll see if he still wants it. lol.

Tweeple: Thanks

11 02 2010

I’d like to just take a good minute to thank my friends on Twitter.

Thank you. So much.

I’d like to think I support the rest of y’all in everything. And if I do not, call me out.

But I rec’d some great DM’s and open messages from some really cool tweeps.

I thank you for helping me right now.

I love you all, for your support. Truly. You have no idea.

Anyone who thinks Twitter is ridiculous? They are wrong. Esp in the ‘Burgh. I’ve seen and been a part of the support. And had it happen to myself.

My Twitter friends are crazy supportive. Of everything I do.

Love you all. And thank you. Thank you. SO MUCH.

I’d offer to pay you back, or pay it forward…. But it would take a lifetime. Let’s just say I’m going to try to pay it back equally and try to pay it forward as much as I can.

I like to think it’s appropriate. And if I’ve called it wrong? You will tell me.

I’m so lucky to have you and I love you all. I’ll fight for you all day long, and then some…

Digging out.

11 02 2010

So all week, I’ve wondered when a city snowplow would grace my street with an appearance.

The general consensus here is that the city of Pittsburgh pulled a major FAIL with regards to snow removal. I agree, although since my car was parked in the alley behind my building since last Thursday, and I’ve been very lazy, and interrupted by snowfall, in getting new tires on my little Midgie* (yes, that’s my car’s official name,) I had no plans to drive anywhere, anytime soon.

*More on Midgie another time. But she kicks butt. Snow, whatever. I love her.

Last night a huge monstrosity of a vehicle came down my one way street. And yes, I went outside to the doorstep to take pictures. In my slippers. (Side note: I’ve been inside too long.)

According to BurghsEyeView, it was a Front End Loader GF. Whatever the heck that is. I just compared its size to that of the Jeep Cherokee on the bottom left and decided it was a monstrosity of a vehicle.  All I know is it moved a ton of snow around and made my street look driveable. Some other kind of similar thing visited the street today too. I think it was smaller. I’m not sure.

I posted a pic of my Midgie from Saturday pretending she was a big snowblob in the alley. And after walking all over Bloomfield, Friendship & East Liberty for 5 days, I’d had enough. I wanted to move her. I was slightly afraid of some kind of plow coming through the alley and taking her along with the snow.

So I got up today and went outside. Where I found my snowblob:

Yep, that’s my dear little Midgie. And that’s the view from the alley. There’s a little hillside on the other side of her. It’s maybe 3 1/2 feet high, but you couldn’t tell that right now, because the snow next to her is level with the snow on the high part of the hillside.

When I moved some snow from the driver’s side door, It was so high on the top I just stood and laughed.

And then I looked at what I had to drive through to rescue her:

Are you all laughing with me now? Yeah, I thought so.

But I found a dinky little plastic shovel in the entryway, (the old half metal one is gone) and I set to work. I only removed the snow from the top of the car, the alley-side and the front and a bit of the back. I managed to set off my car alarm (most hideous noise I’ve ever heard) while shoveling snow from it. And then, when I was ready to tackle my windshield and needed some heat to help, the car wouldn’t start. Eventually it did and I’m assuming it was the cold, wet key that caused the problem. Or my car was frozen solid. Either way, it finally started up.

We made it through the clean off and our first obtacle was getting out of the parking spot. I was not optimistic. But Midgie was, apparently, because we not only moved out of the spot, we went all the way to the end! And then another car came along the side street. Uh oh.

I was stuck for maybe 30 seconds in the slushy snow at the end of the alley. Using the common sense of rocking my car out, and one small neighbor girl who pushed (not sure how much help she gave, but she was willing, and I am grateful) we moved along.

I drove around & down my street to find the parking spot the monster vehicles had made was taken. Crap. So me and the Midgie braved the big streets (she did totally fine!) hit up the stores and came home.

I’m now parked 1/2 a block down, in a spot that was kind of made by the monster vehicles. I’m hoping to try to move her again tomorrow since I had plans for tomorrow night.

Here’s hoping…