When you should listen.

2 02 2010

I try to not tell people what to do here. (Unless you are a stupid rugby player, bar patron, or stupid college rugby player.)

Because I don’t often (ok, ever) do what people tell ME to do…

Also, I am a moron. true story. (Purty sure Lili and everyone else I know who reads this will agree with me on that one…)

So when @BurghBaby told me to add things to my Etsy site – MONTHS AGO.She’ll tell you…  I didn’t listen. Totally didn’t listen, and then I did have other projects, such as Little C’s presents and such…

And then last Saturday I went to A’s birthday party. With a Sack O’ Lunch and chalkboard/placemat set in tow…

My girl, A, wasn’t immediately taken with my gift – if I were four and got High School Musical Dolls and Hungry Hungry Hippos and a doctor’s set (cannot find a link for it, but OMG it was great! way to go @tehamy!!!) for my birthday? I wouldn’t care either…

Today I learned that my little buddy apparently did have a great birthday party (so glad, since I tried to convince her to come out of hiding for her cake and presents. She didn’t hide from me, for once. I’m over the moon happy, yo. also, she sat on my lap to watch TV. I love my little friends…) and she has been LOVING all of her birthday gifts? So, so happy. For myself and others. I like to think we all love to make kids happy…

When @BurghBaby told me on Saturday to go home & immediately put my Sack O’ Lunch up for sale? I didn’t listen. And then the mommies at the party (I was the only singleton there… no biggie) remarked on how neat that thing looked. And someone said they couldn’t believe I made it… But I did.

I also learned that the Sack O’ Lunch is in play rotation… And I got another demand from @BurghBaby to update Etsy…

And I’m sorry, but I’m a lot of a perfectionist when it comes to my sewing things… I’m still a bit nervous over my sewing ability. According to my inspection at Christmas of the things I gave to Lili at her baby shower, everything looked ok, save for one Ring Toy of Death ring that only I thought needed help…Mom and Lili thought I saw things they didn’t…. I just don’t want My Little C, or any of my little friends munching on polyfiberfill.

But, through all my precautions for Mollie, the doll I gave to Little C for Christmas, Little C somehow managed to get some of her yarn hair into her mouth and crawl away with it…  Leaving Lili to wonder “How do you have Mollie’s hair in you mouth when Mollie is clear across the play floor?”

So tonight, I updated my Etsy. And I added what @BurghBaby told me to add. And I love @BurghBaby, because she tweeted the dang thing. And now Ive had nearly 120 views to that single item…

No sales yet, but my karma belief tells me that if I keep doing what I’m doing, eventually multiple folk will see what I’m doing, and that I do it RIGHT, and dang near perfect, and they’ll buy from me.

I promise to fix any sewing errors that come up in my products. At my cost. I’ll pay for you to return anything you can’t fix yourself, and I’ll fix it and send it back. I want my buyers to get GOOD, WELL MADE THINGS. ALWAYS.

The moral of this story is: 1) listen to @BurghBaby when she tells you to do something. and 2) don’t worry about being such a perfectionist. Your work will speak for you where you can’t.

That is all….




8 responses

3 02 2010
Uncle Crappy

I have a hat that turned out pretty well…

3 02 2010

pretty well?? that sucker might be my best work yet, uncle crappy. I’m overly proud of that one… I’d sell it online, but I’m seriously afraid someone would ask for Penn State or Michigan colors. And I’m not sure I could accommodate those requests. Now, an OU one… whooo budddy, would that be fun for me!!!

3 02 2010
Burgh Baby

Add. more. stuff. Ahem.

3 02 2010

BurghBaby: Working on it… Really.

3 02 2010

Everyone loves the quilt you made for my nephew! It’s fantastic! It’s amazing! Definitely listen to BurghBaby and yeah put more stuff up! 🙂

3 02 2010

I’m SO glad to hear that everyone likes it! 🙂 I’m working on more stuff. I’m hitting JoAnn’s tomorrow. I’m thinking of making a quilt or two to sell on there! One the same pattern as you nephew’s and one from one of JoAnn’s kits I think. Oh, and more pretend food.

17 02 2010

Your stuff is AWESOME! My very best stuff looks like crap in comparison. I know my little cousin is going to love his “lunch”

17 02 2010

Thank you… hoping to dig my car out finally tomorrow to get to Joann’s for what I need!!!!

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