4 02 2010

I’ve never been one to remember my dreams much. Here & there… Very much there…

I have a number of friends who are crazy with the dreams they remember. An old work friend has had ridiculous dreams, many which have involved me in some way, shape or form. The dreams he’s had were crazy! Scary, even.

But lately, since I’m not working, I’ve noticed I remember my dreams more. And I’ve had or three two over the past few days that have stuck with me.

I’m going to start with Dream #2, because it’s easier.

I was visiting My Little C. And she was much older. About as old as some of my other little friends, I’d guess around 4.

Here is what I remember: She was sooooo excited to see me when I showed up. And she was overly excited to play with me every day I visited… But OMG the meltdown when I left was unreal…

I miss My Little C so much. However, I hope that meltdown never happens… I’d never wish that on Lili. Wowza.

Let’s hope that’s some kind of wishful thinking on my brain’s end… Lordy.

Decision on Dream #2? A bad nightmare of what could happen. And what I don’t wish to have happen… Hopefully Skype visits will make this NOT happen. I don’t want Lili to deal with that meltdown…

Dream #1, was slightly more disagreeable for me. I woke up freezing and nearly about to cry:

I had agreed to babysit for someone. Not sure whom… And shortly before, I was with my parents, somewhere in Pittsburgh. Keep in mind here that my parents live, full time, in Florida, and visit once maybe in 2 years… I was in their car. Rather than have them drop me off at my home – I had them drop me off somewhere that I believed to be near Carnegie Mellon, except in the dream, CMU was on a gigantic hilltop… In real life they would have adamantly refused to drop me off anywhere but MY home… But, why didn’t I have them take me home? To MY car? Or drop me off at the babysitting location? I have NO idea…

So they drop me off at some random house, (a house which I ran through,) apparently near CMU. And I have maybe an hour to get to the babysitting thing. And to my house. So I start jogging down this hillside. There were steps of some sort. Through woods. And next thing I know, I’m at a building. I have to go through this building to get lower on the campus to get to where I need to be.

So I enter the building, except for this building and the next three I went through, I couldn’t find my way down & out. Most buildings were like the entrance way to random ice hockey arenas or hotel rooms that I went to when I was oh, three or four & my dad coached hockey?! Huh???

And in each building, I had to search for the stairs down. I also ended up in some kind of natatorium (read: swimming pool). What the heck is going on in my brain?

Also, I ended up making a random friend during this experience. I have no idea who he was. I don’t remember his face, but he kept trying to tell me something throughout the whole ordeal. And he was totally ok with helping me figure out where to go, but he had no idea where to go either… And I never found out what he wanted to tell me…

So, my random friend and I walked out a door at one point and onto what I think was a metal sidewalk alongside a building or something. And it led to some crazy, wicked stairs. Metal stairs. And I swear to god, they were like 35 flights up. All metal, with slats so even on the stairwell, you could see to the bottom.

The last thing I recall was going to the top of the stairwell, looking down over the railing and through the slats, and freaking the heck out…

Dream #1? Well, the start of it? I have no dang idea. I do remember some really strange things from when I was between the ages of 3 and 5. Things that my mom is shocked by… But the end is all about my random, irrational fear of heights and any open stairwells… Or railings.

It’s totally irrational, but I DO have a crazy fear of railings, steel sidewalk type things, bridges, and those metal grates over things that you have to walk over on the sidewalk…  They terrify me to no end. I have yet to figure out the where and why. I’ve climbed mountains, and stood on rocky overlooks and been okay… I don’t get it…

Dream #3 was some kind of dream about a dog… I have no idea. My dog buddy D? She doesn’t bark. Ever. But in dream #3 all I know is a dog barked. Loud! I thought someone broke into my apartment with a dog. I heard the bark that loud.

Result of dream #3? Yeah, no dog, but it was my phone announcing a new text message which I somehow heard as a bark in my dream… No clue why I thought dogs were in my apartment… Granted, we can’t have pets, and I do wish I had a sweet little pooch like my doggy friend, D….

Insights? All are welcome… Oy.




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