Super Bowl

7 02 2010

Ok, so this is where I’m going to tell you something that will be bad. Prepare yo’ selves.

I don’t think I’ve watched an entire Super Bowl in a kagillion years. Every Steelers Super Bowl appearance as of late, I worked at My Living Room and left early so I could make it to work the next day.

I don’t remember the commercials from any year what-so-ever.

This year is different. I don’t have cable, so I am watching the game. And the ads.

And I don’t think it’s ever happened before, but my favorite song EVER made it into a Super Bowl ad… Boys & Girls, I give you Ravel’s Bolero and Coca-Cola. Two of my most fave things ever:

I swear God opened heaven and the sun shined (shone? I dunno) down on me while I watched that ad…

And then I returned to Twitter. And to two new Tweeps telling me about this:

I know I’m snowed in, and nearly killed someone with my shoulder earlier today, but that’s just in the past few days, so how in the name of all-things-under-the-sun, and my super love of Bolero did I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?! Blast!? Doing Bolero? My inner band-geek self’s dream? Who do I blame about this? Taking suggestions now on who to blame, BTW.

and these? My inner band dork is going to hurt someone….

Also, I’d like to point out that while @Chachisays was NOT behind this ad, I might have been the first to question his involvement. Everyone I know on Twitter suspects his anti-pants obsession is behind it.

As of this post, there have been no fewer than FOUR, yes 4, anti-pants ads on TV. I swear that the ad peeps are secretly watching @Chachisays and his tweets.




2 responses

8 02 2010
Dave P.

I love the circular breathing at the end of the intro to Malaguena!

Great switch on choosing the euphonium in high school! I’ve played since 4th grade (started on it) and absolutely love it. I played all through college; I should have chosen to be a music minor, as I practically lived in the music department, and was in at least four performance groups each semester.

I makes me sad that I’m not involved in anything now, and barely ever touch my horn. I play in TubaChristmas every year ( but that’s about it.

Always glad to find another band geek, and especially euphonium lover, out there!

8 02 2010

I haven’t played in years. Tried the clarinet again a while ago (still own mine – plastic & a real wood one…) and failed miserably. All through school I wanted to play music for movies/TV etc. Don’t know why I got that idea ever. lol.

Let me know about TubaChristmas next year! I’d love to see it!

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