Midgie: Update…

20 02 2010

Ok. So I went out to un-ice the Midgie’s crappy tires. Entirely my fault. I’m sorry, Midgie. I love you…

I took cardboard with me for traction. I kicked and I dug and I shoveled.

And before I laid out the cardboard, I tried to start up the Midgie.

And she told me to go to h-e-double hockey sticks.

Her battery is dead. Just what I needed.

She was not covered in snow. I removed her from that crap as soon as I could. And she made it out.

And now she won’t start. And I made an effort to start her every 2-3 days since her rescue…

Which means, a call to my dealership to arrange for my late inspection, new tires, and perhaps new battery (oh goody, since I’m rolling in money…) and a call to AAA to give me a battery boost.

Just great. Tons o’ fun. Love it. LOOOOVE. Wonderful.

And Imma need someone to pick me up from the dealership and drop me  back home b/c it’s prolly gonna take a while and I don’t want to be at the dealership for that long. Days, perhaps.

Oh, so much fun, next week. I can haz Florida life now?



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