Midgie: Update, pt 2…

25 02 2010

This late post is in true time, due to a long-running rugby meeting and my Midgie.

So, when we last left my Midgie, her battery seemed to be dead. She wouldn’t start, and obviously could not move… Midgie did NOT have snow pack on her. She’s free and clear of snow. She was when I moved her from her alley spot to her main street position. I like a free of snow car.

I called my dealership and found out that while they’d love to help me with the inspection, new tires, oil change etc., but the dead battery could cause a problem. Seems a dead battery erases all the emissions info they need for the inspection. Huh?

In the event I got a boost to my battery, I needed to drive 150 miles before I could get everything taken care of.

WONDERFUL. Just what I need.

Granted, I do have some errands to run…. If I don’t see a Joann’s store within 4 days, I’m sure I’ll die. (And, I’ll owe two friends some $$$) It’s been 2 weeks or more, since I’ve seen a Joann’s people!!! But 150 miles? Where the heck am I going to run up that kind of mileage? Especially with 3-6″ of snow coming this weekend. (Also, I’m so over snow right now. I liked it the first weekend, dealt with it till now. Now I want it to GO AWAY. Forever.)

Anyway, earlier today, I went out on my grocery walk, (I’m making a couple of bacon & spinach quiches this weekend. One to keep, one to freeze. I love me some quiche…)  Including a stop at my Midgie. She wasn’t budging. She told me to stuff it, basically.

So, this evening, my very wonderful friend, CPG came by to pick me up for a meeting. She has this fancy battery jump thingy that plugs into your “formerly known as” cigarette lighter spot…. Sweet! Except when I met CPG at the Midgie, and sat down to try to start the Midgie… She freaking started right up. No less than 4 hours since my last attempt. I shut her down and she started again…. Hrmmmm….

The only difference I noticed was that the other day when Midgie would not start was my gas gauge at over 1/4 of a tank… and then today at absolute E. Um….

CPG gave me a lift to the meeting, because I felt that Midgie was trying to tease me. I know my Midgie loves me, but other cars have been such a tease. Especially that blue devil that was out to kill me… (I probably still owe you that story. If I do, leave me a reminder in the comments. It’s a good story.)

I left the meeting with Birthday Girl. We stopped at the Midgie and she again started right up.


Since I have spent nearly every day since I got her, driving my car or looking out my window at her, I can only assume she was cold and missed me. Right?

We went to Get Go, and on GrandPa’s advice, I kept her running while I re-fueled her. I spent $20 – at $2.75/gallon. That’s really not much… And got inside and saw my gauge at nearly full. Um, 1/4 or E to nearly full? Midgie, what are you doing???

I also took a very long route back home to warm her up and let her know I loved her… I stopped and turned her off once more close to home….

And she started again. Um, I can only assume she was lonely and cold. And I’ll stand by that….

Once, or if, you hear the blue devil car story, you’ll understand why I looove my Midgie and know she must have been pissed that she was left so cold and lonely.

We parked relatively close to home and I’ll call my dealership again tomorrow to see what they say… Hoping I can just deliver her there and she can get some dealership love and come back to me as my good ol’ Midgie. I need her. I love her.

Here’s hoping…. In 6 months I’ll own her free & clear. She’s the first car that I’ve ever had that I don’t want to buy the newer version (although the new Aveo’s are pretty sweet…) and I don’t even want to trade her in for a 4wd version of a vehicle….

I love my Midgie. LOVE.




2 responses

25 02 2010

so happy she started up!!

25 02 2010

Me too! Except I’m not happy that I still have to drive the 150 miles before they’ll make an appointment… And we’re due for 3-6″ again in the next few days. Wonderful.

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