For my little dudes…

26 02 2010

I ventured to Facebook today and saw something that made me shake so badly I couldn’t use my phone or type for a few minutes. And it left me so befuddled. And heartbroken.

Two of my favorite little dudes on the planet (The Nugget and his little bro Q) lost their mom yesterday…

File this under things little people should never have to know about or deal with… EVER.  And things my good friends, specifically in this instance, PghRugbyRef, should never have to convey to their totally cool little dudes. EVER.

If you read this blog, and the comments, you would have seen a comment from PghRugbyRef on the Training… post… And honestly, I should have addressed this truth earlier:

PghRugbyRef: Didn’t The Nugget help you conquer some fear of breaking an infant?

And my response:

PghRugbyAngel: OMG. The Nugget is the ONLY reason holding an infant doesn’t scare the living daylights out of me. TRUTH.

The Nugget IS the ONLY reason holding a baby doesn’t freak me the heck out anymore. He and I spent awesome quality time watching TV while he was strapped to me in a little carrier thingy.  I totally fell in love with him that day…

Toddlers also do not terrify me anymore, because The Nugget and I spent countless hours playing with a big yellow ball (I wish I had pictures of it! It had a smiley face!) at Boyce Park while PghRugbyRef did his ref thing. That was so much fun!!! Really… My love for The Nugget continued…

The Nugget and I, and his daddy also spent a really cold but funny day up at my rugby tournament getting things ready. Pretty sure I spent more time chasing that kiddo around than I did doing actual work for my tournament, but I’d have it no other way.

The Nugget now has a little brother, Q… And their daddy, PghRugbyRef, is a super awesome dad, and when he says he’s bringing the boys somewhere, well, I show up too… They are both awesome little dudes, I love them both! And they can distract me from rugby & make me give away my Chick-Fil-A fries (to Q,) get me to kick a rugby ball (The Nugget) with bare feet. (Turns out it’s pretty painful. Who knew… ) and make me play and run around whenever I see them. I love these little dudes…

My heart is literally breaking for these little guys. And for PghRugbyRef.  I can’t imagine what my little trio of guys is going through…

I know PghRugbyRef. I know he’s handling telling my little buddies the right stuff, in the right way. And I know he’ll be there for them through thick & thin. He’s a super daddy. Really.

To PghRugbyRef:  I want you to know that I’m here, you know I love your boys and you, and feel free to call me out to babysit whenever, where ever, for whatever reason. Also, I’d be quite happy to hang with them (weather permitting – we don’t want them out there in a blizzard n’at) at Coopers if you still are able to come out – both for prep stuff and for ref stuff. (For ref stuff, w/ ok weather, they can hang w/ me in my big ol’ monster tent… It’s sad but true, I’m better w/ humans under 10 years old as opposed to those over 20…) Or if you have a sitter and want to grab a beer & lunch or dinner? I’m here for that too. Whatever you need. Pretty sure same goes for the BirthdayGirl…

We’re here for you and the little dudes, buster. We love you guys.



5 responses

26 02 2010

I’m so sorry to hear the news. And yes, it is a heart-wrenching tale. I’ll be sure to keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

26 02 2010

Thank you, on behalf of my cool little guys… Nice to see you yesterday, btw.

27 02 2010

as the recipient of operation angel miles, i would happily, happily, happily sign up to pay it forward and head over to ref’s house to help with laundry or dinner-cooking or WHATEVER he needs.

1 03 2010

Thanks a bunch for showing up Saturday. It was wonderful to see some of my friends there to support us in this difficult time.

1 03 2010

Hey, we love you and the boys! Please know that the rugby community is here to help you with whatever you need. All you have to do is call, believe me, there’s an army of people who are more than willing. 🙂

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