31 03 2010

Well, it’s started. My application process to get into school to become a radiology tech.

I requested my Ohio University transcripts today. Not that they will help. I graduated from college over 10 years ago. But, what do I know.

I also applied to CCAC and filled out & submitted the FAFSA.

Once those two are through being processed and I’m accepted, I then have to go through a whole different application process for the Allied Health school at CCAC.

And the process for getting financial aid, grants, and whatever. Seeing as how I have zero income, I’m going to need a whole lotta financial aid. Whoo buddy.

Cross your fingers for me… This is my last option. No jobs I’ve applied for have even gotten a bite.

I’m really looking forward to this, providing I get accepted and all.


27 03 2010

Good morning! I’m up before the sun. Mostly because I can’t sleep – but I did get a decent night’s rest – finally – last night.

My sinuses, however, are threatening to explode my head by 7am. It’s a good time, really.

Today is the day of the barren wasteland, or forgotten swampland. AKA Coopers Lake.

My tournament.

As of yesterday at 5pm we were all ecstatic – we had all 7 fields lined, 99% of the flags n’at up and we were ready to go.

And then the world of Paypal and I-don’t-effing-know-what exploded.

So what did I do? I went to bed kinda early. And woke up now.

And now Imma go shower and get ready to catch a ride up to what could be a great tournament or a headache of epic proportions.

I’m not even playing rugby today because I can’t find all my crap. Yeah. It’s gonna be a great day.

I promise to think of Little C often and to try to not punch anyone in the face. That’s all I have for you.

March Madness.

15 03 2010

Do you remember back when I created a Fantasy Football team? And I had no idea what I was doing?

Turns out I enjoyed Fantasy Football. I liked the trades and changing of players, and I fully intend to participate this coming year. Granted, I had to enlist FM’s help at one point – it still didn’t help me do any better. But it ended up being kind of fun.

Well, it’s that time of year that is truly  more difficult for me than Fantasy Football. It’s March Madness time.

I checked my Google Reader on Friday and Uncle Crappy announced his annual Final Four Challenge, FAUNFFC. Then, I was greeted yesterday with an email from Shireman to enter his Sportsocracy 4th Annual Bracket Challenge.

I don’t know what got to me, I blame the YinzTeam and our all around sports competitions for making me go ahead and enter BOTH.

I don’t get basketball. Apart from playing one season in 7th grade, it’s totally foreign to me. I can’t watch it. Wait, that’s a lie. I will watch it, if I’m hanging out with Calipanthergrl, as she is the biggest basketball fan I’ve ever met. But without her whoops and cheers and such, it’s boring to me.

So now, I’ve submitted my Final Four Challenge predictions to UncleCrappy, and I’ve created my own little bracket over at the Sportsocracy Yahoo Tourney Pick ‘Em Challenge… My bracket name? “There’s a reason I play rugby.”

I think when all is said and done, we’ll find me at the bottom of the list of brackets and realize that yes, there is a reason I play rugby and don’t normally do these kinds of things.

Thanks Uncle Crappy & Shireman. Good thing I like making an a** of myself. 🙂

Hit ‘Em Up Style.

11 03 2010

Last night I stumbled on UncleCrappy’s post about a band he and Mrs. Crappy were going to see tonight. I liked the video he posted, so I asked for more info.

He sent said info and then I realized, oh yeah, you don’t have a job, moron, you can’t afford to do these things. So I told him I couldn’t make it.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate not having a job? No? Well, I hate not having a job. There.

Anyway, later in the evening I look at my phone (which is on silent because the beeps from texts/Tweets and the ringer drives me batty) and realize I’ve missed a call from Mrs. Crappy and some Tweets/texts about the show.  Turns out Mrs. Crappy can’t go…

Before I go on, Mrs. Crappy, I LOVE YOU. Thank you sooo much from the bottom of my hate-being-jobless heart. 🙂 I’m sorry you couldn’t go, but I’m now a Carolina Chocolate Drops fan!

So with mere minutes to spare, I text Uncle Crappy and tell him I’d join him. I’ve skipped out on at least one other show – maybe two? – with him, and I felt bad that he would be going alone. Plus, it was in Larryville, just down the hill from my apartment.

We ended up next to the bar upstairs, wedged way in the back, in a corner near a door used by employees to run food up to the balcony. For most of the show, to see the band I had to stand on my tippy toes!

The Thunderbird in Larryville is a strange place to see a band, and being a creeper hanging out in front of the PNC Bank while waiting for UncleCrappy was interesting. And it turns out even if I was flush with cash, I wouldn’t have been able to make the show as it sold out!

Turns out Brother Anthony was also joining us, and Oh My Goodness am I glad I went. And I am NOT surprised it sold out.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops are freaking amazing!! I realized this about two songs in when I heard a kazoo and jug being used…. along with a banjo. Really? That’s so freaking fracking awesome. A Kazoo, people! Kazooooo!!!

My fave song was, and I’ll need UncleCrappy’s help for this, Snowden something or other? Right around when they mentioned the Hilltoppers or some other band? (I can’t remember and couldn’t find it online.)

But I did find this one, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and is different than the awesome song UncleCrappy posted.


9 03 2010

Recently, I checked my You Tube subscriptions to find that Lili had uploaded yet another Little C video. It was hysterical. She is so darn cute.

While watching the video the other day for the millionth time, I noticed something. Little C has teeths. I cofirmed this with Lili.

Little C has two tiny baby bottom teeths.

And Lili thinks our lovely little nature lover is kinda saying the word “bird.” (Birds are her favorite thing to look at when they take the doggy for a walk.)

Who the hell told Little C she was allowed to grow up into a toddler nearly overnight? It’s only been two and a half months since I saw her last! And I know I told her to stop growing up when I left.

So now, interwebz, we must figure out how to stop this. She must stop growing up.

I sent a cease & desist order to Lili. I’m pretty sure I used too many big words for Little C to understand. So that certainly isn’t going to work.

Next thing you know she’s going to say real words in real sentences and run around like the sprinter I think she will be. Great. Just great.

I guess I’ll just have to settle for making the new picture of Little C showing her teeth my new desktop background, and hope that if Little C does come to Pittsburgh over the summer, I can take her to the Aviary to look at birds together and Phipps to look at the pretty flowers. (OMG, she will LOVE the Aviary & Phipps.)

Hooray for the drive-in!

8 03 2010

We went to the drive in again tonight, and thank goodness it was open. The last time we tried, it was closed, it was a very sad day.

But we went tonight and debated on the way to Sheetz (our permanent stop off before the drive-in now) what we would see. I had a moment of OMG-I-need-a-Kleenex-because-his-story-is-so-much-too-funny on the way through the Liberty Tunnels…  This is why I like FM, he makes me laugh my pants off. (Hi, Chachi!!! I CAN laugh my pants off!) And for those of you thinking what you are thinking, no I’m not laughing my pants off for THAT. Geez, people, I am not an idiot.

We decided that Alice In Wonderland and When In Rome (or When In Roe, as per the marquee on the way in) would be our choice. Seriously, we’re used to loving one movie and hating or making fun of the other… But this would be a different experience.

I went out earlier today, and bought us each a small jug o’ Turner’s Iced Tea, since we’re both addicted to the stuff… Talk about a super unGF gift…. I WIN!!! He was so happy to have Turner’s Iced Tea. I WIN!!

Then we hit up Sheetz, FM buying more food than a normal human could eat in a week, but he hadn’t eaten at all Sunday. Geez. I bought a 6in sub for tomorrow’s lunch and some cheezy fries. I love my cheezy fries from Sheetz.

We pull up to the drive in and it’s open. Yay! We were a tiny bit late, but watched Alice, and were amazed by Johnny Depp’s performance as the Mad Hatter. He is truly amazing when he buys into a character. Amazing.  He’s delightful in these kinds of characters. (And seriously disturbing when it’s a scary character that he buys into…)

Anyway, we watched it through and just before “When In Roe” came on, I stole away to get some popcorn. I love me some popcorn, like a crazy lady… Mostly a bad idea since the drive in is dirt & stones all the time, and this was not the right time to walk to the concession area. Hello, snow melt!! I muddied up the car just a tiny bit…

When I got back to the car, I told my very tired & over-worked FM that we could leave the very hot second he realized he hated “When In Roe.” He asked if I was serious, and I promised him I was, as I know he’s working hard, long hours now and I want him to sleep more.

Twenty minutes later, I have FM’s arm around me, and my head on his shoulder. I hear him falling asleep. He claims this is not the case, but I know me my FM. He was maybe 12 seconds from nodding off… For reals.

I nudged him and suggested we go home. He asked if I was okay with it, even though I already said I was, and I assured him I was.

So we left halfway through “When In Rome.” And I’m not sad that we did. It was maybe the worst movie we’ve seen at the drive-in.

I enjoyed my evening with FM, as I always do. ALWAYS.

I told him people are questioning me, about us, lately. And I told him that I’m kinda happy with how things are. I do have issues with a few things, but we’re not at the point that these things matter. And based on his reaction, I’m pretty sure he thinks the questions are silly and 99% sure that we’re both happy to not have the demands and expectations of a relationship on us. This is why I like my FM. Truly.

In an alternate reality, or this one, I’d love to have him over, which I think he’d be apt to do, but OMG he’d overheat in a hot second it my apartment. If even I wear shorts & a t-shirt on my couch, I know FM would be miserable here. I feel bad now asking him if he’d like to stay over a week ago. He’d be SO miserable here. Hot mess. And not so much mess as OMG overly hot. And in the holy crap my temperature is rising and I’m sweating and can’t live anymore, kind of way.

I had a great night with my favorite, FM, and it was fun. And whether I see him next weekend or three weeks from now, or four, right now I am good with it.

I like how we do things. It works for us.


7 03 2010

I need job. Or something. I sew, yes, but that does not a career make. So I’m looking into school such things. Something more like a career than what I’ve had, and something that will take me less than 2 years to complete… (I’d prefer just a year, but I’ll see what comes up.) Medical Assistant. Pharmacy Tech. Radiology Tech…

If anyone knows where I can find salary info/projections for these types of things, please let me know, because I am finding NOTHING.

I don’t know what’s happened to me. During this unemployment time, I have become a potential record-breaking sleeper and NON-sleeper…  Insomnia, to the point that I don’t know what to do to sleep. Then naps, sleeping away the day.

I hate it. HATE. Very, very much hate. With a passion.

My Little C wakes up at the crack o’ dawn. I can’t do this anymore. I want to work, and I want to be able to be woken up with the cheery, smiley face of My Little C the next time I see her. I can’t sleep through My Little C time. Seriously.

I went to a baby shower today, from 1-4pm. When I got home, I felt like I desperately needed a nap. All I did was sit on a couch for 3 hours. (Ok, I did chill for 5 minutes with a cute baby, R, who came along, but it was not exhausting.) Good lordy, baby R? He is s a cutie pie, btw.

Why am I so tired? I don’t DO anything. I should NOT be tired!!!!!!

I didn’t nap, and instead did a little sewing prep work and then got ready to go to My Living Room for a collective birthday party for a few ruggers.

The first mistake was going out at all. Not that I didn’t enjoy seeing some people out & about that I haven’t seen in a long time. But while I did enjoy working at My Living Room, I have always hated being there when it is busy. It got so busy this evening that they weren’t letting people in!!! It was insanity. I stood there, jostled around by others, and I hated it.

The second mistake was wearing heels. Trust me when I say you are not the only ones shocked by this. But I got some fancy brown heels at Christmas from The Nana & The Grand Pa and I haven’t had a job interview to wear them to yet, so I wore them tonight. Bad idea. Bad, bad, bad idea. My feet hate anything that is not my Franco Sarto black heels (I can run in the Franco heels, just saying.)

I came home so early that people worried about me. They thought I drank too much to drive, but I didn’t. I was just so beat and so fed up with:

A) the OMG-so-many-people-in-that-tiny-bar that they had to not let more people inside, and

B) the moron who proclaimed that my rugby tourney in 3 weeks sucks and he’s going to drink the whole time he’s there.  (There were no fewer than 4 people who told that moron that I’m scary and that he should NOT piss me off. The last person who warned him also told me that was his version of flirting. Hello, fail whale.)

I HAD to get out after that encounter.

Also, FM and I are going to the drive-in tomorrow, and if I’m too tired to watch the movies, I’ll beat myself silly. Let alone FM being perhaps upset with me. We LOVE the drive-in!!!! And we haven’t been able to go there in sooooo long!!! YAY!

FM works some crazy 7 days-a-week and crazy 14-hour days lately, and he still makes time for me. Even after working a nearly 14-hour day a couple of weeks ago, he managed to stay awake through dinner & a movie till after 1am… (oh, and he bought me chocolates for Valentine’s Day, even though I think it’s a fake holiday and I told him so.) He deserves some kind of bonus for this, don’t worry, I’m thinking about it!

I’ll be damned if I’m unable to chillax tomorrow with him.

But, chillax we will. This is why I truly enjoy my time with FM. It’s one of my favorite times. There’s usually never alcohol involved, which is great, for both of us! And I think about nothing but what we’re doing – movies, dinner, looking at stars, whatever…

We don’t talk to the same people, but somehow, he’s soooo good at knowing when I need to just go out and not think about stuff. I have NO  idea how he knows these things, and I’m never questioning it. He just knows. And OMG do I appreciate it.

This is why I’m okay with the status of our un-relationship, for those of you ruggers who worry about it and ask about it.  It’s all good, guys. He somehow knows me enough to know when I need to spend time w/ him, and it works for us.

So no more questions, ok?

If things go bad, and I need your help, don’t worry, I will ask, no, DEMAND, it from a certain few of you. Ruggers and online/IRL peeps.

But for now, we’re okay with this.

Thanks, buddy. (Those of you who get that, you know what I’m sayin’. That is all.)

The day my ice skates died.

6 03 2010

We had a little Ice Skating/Learn to Skate tweetup this evening. I think we had 8 people there, but it was fun, and I really love skating. (I think I love skating more than rugby, that’s saying a lot, btw.)

The people who run Schenley Ice Rink should be embarrassed by the condition of the ice when we got there around 9:30. The ice was so choppy and torn up that it was hard to skate. To make matters worse, there were huge chunks of  left over ice shavings stuck to the ice. I hit one of said mounds of ice shavings and fell down – my right knee cap loves you right now, Schenley.  A half an hour into skating there were no fewer than 6 orange/yellow cones on the ice covering the hazardous mounds…

I’ve remarked to fellow Tweetup skaters in the past that Schenley’s ice quality is poor, but seriously, this was ridiculous.  I’ve never seen ice conditions like this. Now I know we’ve had a slight warm up in temperatures around here lately, but this was awful. Granted, when they cleaned the ice the conditions slightly improved, but the rink still sucks. I’m sorry, but it does. I’m seriously crazy happy when I skate. I just love it so much. But it’s going to be tough to get me to Schenley rink ever again. It’s now in the same category as PPG’s rink. Barf.

To make things worse, as we were leaving, I discovered that my beloved skates, which I brought back last year from near death, have cracks in the plastic tongue on both skates, which means I have to retire them. This is a sad, sad day. But then again, after somewhere between 18-20 years of use, I guess it’s to be expected, right?

I’ve noticed the rental skates now have plastic bodies, rather than the old brown leather of the past, so maybe I’ll give them a try, but I’ll eventually be in the market for new skates. Probably sooner rather than later once I tell The GrandPa that I’m going to rent skates. Oh, the horror!

For lack of something better…

2 03 2010

I’m hanging on here as best I can. Random things are exploding around me.

Good thing I have this, from my Grand Pa, which I use, to help me with my hangings on…

I know, right? Many people are probably confused by this, but Grand Pa AND The Grand Pa use it, and I’m a fan…

Anywho… please to enjoy this video. It’s kind of awesome