The day my ice skates died.

6 03 2010

We had a little Ice Skating/Learn to Skate tweetup this evening. I think we had 8 people there, but it was fun, and I really love skating. (I think I love skating more than rugby, that’s saying a lot, btw.)

The people who run Schenley Ice Rink should be embarrassed by the condition of the ice when we got there around 9:30. The ice was so choppy and torn up that it was hard to skate. To make matters worse, there were huge chunks of  left over ice shavings stuck to the ice. I hit one of said mounds of ice shavings and fell down – my right knee cap loves you right now, Schenley.  A half an hour into skating there were no fewer than 6 orange/yellow cones on the ice covering the hazardous mounds…

I’ve remarked to fellow Tweetup skaters in the past that Schenley’s ice quality is poor, but seriously, this was ridiculous.  I’ve never seen ice conditions like this. Now I know we’ve had a slight warm up in temperatures around here lately, but this was awful. Granted, when they cleaned the ice the conditions slightly improved, but the rink still sucks. I’m sorry, but it does. I’m seriously crazy happy when I skate. I just love it so much. But it’s going to be tough to get me to Schenley rink ever again. It’s now in the same category as PPG’s rink. Barf.

To make things worse, as we were leaving, I discovered that my beloved skates, which I brought back last year from near death, have cracks in the plastic tongue on both skates, which means I have to retire them. This is a sad, sad day. But then again, after somewhere between 18-20 years of use, I guess it’s to be expected, right?

I’ve noticed the rental skates now have plastic bodies, rather than the old brown leather of the past, so maybe I’ll give them a try, but I’ll eventually be in the market for new skates. Probably sooner rather than later once I tell The GrandPa that I’m going to rent skates. Oh, the horror!




One response

8 03 2010

I used to go there all the time as a kid and stopped because the ice was crap.

You can always come out to RMU ISC for a public skate 🙂

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