9 03 2010

Recently, I checked my You Tube subscriptions to find that Lili had uploaded yet another Little C video. It was hysterical. She is so darn cute.

While watching the video the other day for the millionth time, I noticed something. Little C has teeths. I cofirmed this with Lili.

Little C has two tiny baby bottom teeths.

And Lili thinks our lovely little nature lover is kinda saying the word “bird.” (Birds are her favorite thing to look at when they take the doggy for a walk.)

Who the hell told Little C she was allowed to grow up into a toddler nearly overnight? It’s only been two and a half months since I saw her last! And I know I told her to stop growing up when I left.

So now, interwebz, we must figure out how to stop this. She must stop growing up.

I sent a cease & desist order to Lili. I’m pretty sure I used too many big words for Little C to understand. So that certainly isn’t going to work.

Next thing you know she’s going to say real words in real sentences and run around like the sprinter I think she will be. Great. Just great.

I guess I’ll just have to settle for making the new picture of Little C showing her teeth my new desktop background, and hope that if Little C does come to Pittsburgh over the summer, I can take her to the Aviary to look at birds together and Phipps to look at the pretty flowers. (OMG, she will LOVE the Aviary & Phipps.)



2 responses

10 03 2010

MW loves both the aviary and phipps, so i can certify those as 2 awesome kid places. if she is under 1 year old, you can take her free to the toy lending library! it’s MW’s new fave

10 03 2010

If they do make the trip to the ‘Burgh, she’ll be over a year old. Unless my magical stop getting older plan works… What’s this toy lending library thing? I’ve seen you mention it before… Very interesting.

I’m just hoping we’ll have time for either the Aviary or Phipps.

Next time you take my buddy MW to either of those places, let me know. I’ll try to come along!

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