Hit ‘Em Up Style.

11 03 2010

Last night I stumbled on UncleCrappy’s post about a band he and Mrs. Crappy were going to see tonight. I liked the video he posted, so I asked for more info.

He sent said info and then I realized, oh yeah, you don’t have a job, moron, you can’t afford to do these things. So I told him I couldn’t make it.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate not having a job? No? Well, I hate not having a job. There.

Anyway, later in the evening I look at my phone (which is on silent because the beeps from texts/Tweets and the ringer drives me batty) and realize I’ve missed a call from Mrs. Crappy and some Tweets/texts about the show.  Turns out Mrs. Crappy can’t go…

Before I go on, Mrs. Crappy, I LOVE YOU. Thank you sooo much from the bottom of my hate-being-jobless heart. 🙂 I’m sorry you couldn’t go, but I’m now a Carolina Chocolate Drops fan!

So with mere minutes to spare, I text Uncle Crappy and tell him I’d join him. I’ve skipped out on at least one other show – maybe two? – with him, and I felt bad that he would be going alone. Plus, it was in Larryville, just down the hill from my apartment.

We ended up next to the bar upstairs, wedged way in the back, in a corner near a door used by employees to run food up to the balcony. For most of the show, to see the band I had to stand on my tippy toes!

The Thunderbird in Larryville is a strange place to see a band, and being a creeper hanging out in front of the PNC Bank while waiting for UncleCrappy was interesting. And it turns out even if I was flush with cash, I wouldn’t have been able to make the show as it sold out!

Turns out Brother Anthony was also joining us, and Oh My Goodness am I glad I went. And I am NOT surprised it sold out.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops are freaking amazing!! I realized this about two songs in when I heard a kazoo and jug being used…. along with a banjo. Really? That’s so freaking fracking awesome. A Kazoo, people! Kazooooo!!!

My fave song was, and I’ll need UncleCrappy’s help for this, Snowden something or other? Right around when they mentioned the Hilltoppers or some other band? (I can’t remember and couldn’t find it online.)

But I did find this one, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and is different than the awesome song UncleCrappy posted.



3 responses

12 03 2010
Uncle Crappy

The song you’re thinking of is “Snowden’s Jig,” their renamed version of “Genuine Negro Jig.” It was one of my favorite songs of the night.

Glad you liked ’em!

12 03 2010

I really like them, too. Glad you enjoyed it!

12 03 2010

Yep, that’s it! I really liked that song! Thank you so much for taking me. They were awesome!

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