March Madness.

15 03 2010

Do you remember back when I created a Fantasy Football team? And I had no idea what I was doing?

Turns out I enjoyed Fantasy Football. I liked the trades and changing of players, and I fully intend to participate this coming year. Granted, I had to enlist FM’s help at one point – it still didn’t help me do any better. But it ended up being kind of fun.

Well, it’s that time of year that is truly  more difficult for me than Fantasy Football. It’s March Madness time.

I checked my Google Reader on Friday and Uncle Crappy announced his annual Final Four Challenge, FAUNFFC. Then, I was greeted yesterday with an email from Shireman to enter his Sportsocracy 4th Annual Bracket Challenge.

I don’t know what got to me, I blame the YinzTeam and our all around sports competitions for making me go ahead and enter BOTH.

I don’t get basketball. Apart from playing one season in 7th grade, it’s totally foreign to me. I can’t watch it. Wait, that’s a lie. I will watch it, if I’m hanging out with Calipanthergrl, as she is the biggest basketball fan I’ve ever met. But without her whoops and cheers and such, it’s boring to me.

So now, I’ve submitted my Final Four Challenge predictions to UncleCrappy, and I’ve created my own little bracket over at the Sportsocracy Yahoo Tourney Pick ‘Em Challenge… My bracket name? “There’s a reason I play rugby.”

I think when all is said and done, we’ll find me at the bottom of the list of brackets and realize that yes, there is a reason I play rugby and don’t normally do these kinds of things.

Thanks Uncle Crappy & Shireman. Good thing I like making an a** of myself. 🙂




3 responses

15 03 2010
Uncle Crappy

Always happy to help.

15 03 2010

Awww, thanks. You’re going to kick me when you see what I’m up to lately. But I’ll blame my inability to “do” the March Madness thingy and Little C. And then you’ll get it. Or maybe you already do… Hmmmmm…

16 03 2010

I am terrible that that stuff, and I do it anyway. I pick based on team loyalty, funny names, and cute asses.

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