31 03 2010

Well, it’s started. My application process to get into school to become a radiology tech.

I requested my Ohio University transcripts today. Not that they will help. I graduated from college over 10 years ago. But, what do I know.

I also applied to CCAC and filled out & submitted the FAFSA.

Once those two are through being processed and I’m accepted, I then have to go through a whole different application process for the Allied Health school at CCAC.

And the process for getting financial aid, grants, and whatever. Seeing as how I have zero income, I’m going to need a whole lotta financial aid. Whoo buddy.

Cross your fingers for me… This is my last option. No jobs I’ve applied for have even gotten a bite.

I’m really looking forward to this, providing I get accepted and all.




4 responses

1 04 2010
Burgh Baby

You can do it!

1 04 2010

CONGRATS on starting the process! You’ll be amazed how much money is available for students now, its the repaying that blows.

When I applied to AIO they had no prob getting my scripts form even 10 years prior.

Proud of ya girl! Keep us posted!

1 04 2010

You’ll get accepted.

2 04 2010
Uncle Crappy

My fingers are crossed. Good luck!

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