Phone fail.

30 04 2010

Once again, my lovely phone and AT&T has failed me.

Apparently I somehow “missed” three, no again, THREE phone calls from The GrandPa.

I saw that he called early on Thursday, but no voice mail notice popped up. So I figured he’d call back, right? Fast forward to today, late today, while babysitting Mr. Blue Eyes (he’s up on the Cast O’Characters. Whoo!) when my phone suddenly showed 3 – no THREE – voice mails. WHAT??? I saw no missed phone calls! Most are family. And I answer… But how did this happen?

While Mr. Blue Eyes was in his “I’m OMG so tired but I’m not going to bed and I’ll cry when you show me my bed” state, he just sat there and stared at me, so  I returned the call to Grand Pa.

So I left a detailed message, about what I was doing, what happened and what Mr. Blue Eyes and I were about to do (sleep for Mr. Blue Eyes.)

However, what The Nana and Grand Pa heard was basically “Hi, it’s me… I’m babysitting here with Mr. Blue Eyes and….” and then my phone or their voice mail died. I’m blaming my phone. NO chance it was their voice mail. My phone has been there. Done that. And now again.

What the heck AT&T? I love you. Been a customer through all of your issues and changes for YEARS. Years, I tell you. And I still dream of the day I might one day own an iPhone. But if you keep crapping out on me like this, I can’t continue. My parents are trying to help me right now and my not getting their calls OR voice mails are seriously starting to put the nail in your coffin.

Side note: Cast of Characters has been updated to reflect Mr. Blue Eyes AND NO. Thank you, and you’re welcome.  I think….

Rugby Love.

28 04 2010

Ok. We know here that I LOVE rugby. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

And we know I kinda retired, for now. Ok maybe forever. Who knows?

And that is all fine & good, but there have been two incidents this season that I HAVE to point out to people.

I love my tweeps and readers because we support things. We always do. We’re all about kids right now, and believe me. I love my kiddos… But this rugby thing is taking away my heart… If you have a spare $1, I ask that you give that $1 or more to one of these two issues. Because in the end, it’s for their kids.

First, earlier this year, there was Mike Jones. An Albany, NY rugby player who was injured during a match in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  (Right near my family!! OMG!) You can read about him at this link or donate, if you would like to at this link.

And then today I see this story about a Milwaukee Westside Harlequins player, from Fiji. Who died after what all of us would see as a regular hit. See this link.

My friend NO (yes, he’s still not on the Cast Of Characters. I know) posted this to Facebook earlier.

And this kind of thing happening so close after Mike Jones makes me so sad. So very, very sad.

We never hear of these kinds of things in womens’ rugby. I don’t know why. I could speculate, but I will not. Instead, for the love of MY sport, if you have a spare buck or two, please help these two families.

Rugby is amazing. It’s why I am who I am. I LOVE rugby. It’s given me more experience than any job could… I’m not kidding.

I know most of you don’t get it… But it’s not easy to explain… And through it I have not one, but two families here in Pittsburgh. The ruggers and the tweeps. So if you have a spare dollar, please help my fellow ruggers. Please. And thank you.

Difficult decision.

24 04 2010

After a few weeks of thinking about it, I told the rugby captains the other night that I couldn’t play this season.

I realized that I’m not having fun and with my trying to find a job that works around my school schedule, requesting every Tuesday, Thursday and most Saturdays off just isn’t going to cut it.

It kind of dawned on me though that if I get into school full time in the fall, this could very well be my entering full retirement from playing rugby.

That sucks.

But it’s the best decision for me now. So I have to stick to it.


23 04 2010

Who on the planet does not enjoy blowing soap bubbles?

After the past month I’ve had with two lovely 3-4 year old ladies and soap bubbles, I plainly state that you cannot NOT enjoy blowing soap bubbles!!

My first experience was with the former  New Orleans resident’s kid (aka NO in the Cast Of Characers, NO is not on there yet, but I’ll get to that soon…) and OMG was it FUN. FUN. If I could make that last fun bigger and in bold, it may encompass what I felt..

My little lady friend and I blew bubbles for HOURS. HOURS I tell you!! And she wanted to smush every one. But once in a while, they caught the wind, and we watched them go up and up and up…

And then yesterday, me and my friend E, we tried to use a new bubble thing, but I did not have the appropriate four-point screwdriver (I opened my trunk and my screwdriver set to try!!) to make it happen.   But no dice…

But then, after dinner, I discovered a new brand of fun. More bubbles, courtesy of Target.

We played with that for hours. Hours, I tell you. It WAS FUN. So many bubbles!!!

I’ll be honest. I love soap bubbles. I love them. And I love when my small kiddos love them too, even when they throw the bubble potion all over me in an attempt to blow bubbles. Pretty sure my jeans, if wet, could generate some bubbles….

Who the heck does not love bubbles??

This is now on the list of things to take with me for the special weekend with Little C I have coming up. So excited. She will LOVE bubbles!

Side note: must research hotel to make sure there is a big enough green space for us to DO bubbles. I don’t want my little lady running into cars or other things… Lili, plz to send me hotel address? Thankyouverymuch!

Also, BUBBLES!!!

Buccos of Suckitude.

21 04 2010

Be real, people. Unless you live in a cave in some random country or are actually ON the island in LOST, you know all about the Buccos of Suckitude.

They suck. That is all.

I was at the game tonight, courtesy of my friend Chachi. Well, courtesy of him having filled out some survey via Twitter, resulting in his getting two tickets for free.  The best part of the game for me, was the stadium food. Hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream. (And had I known where we were sitting – in the Pittsburgh Baseball Club – I would have revised my food expectations. That place is craaaazy with food. Chachi had some ridiculously good looking cheddar fries. Nom.) I am guessing the best part for Chachi was my ridiculous food craving comments during the 15 minutes of stair climbing & elevator rides for us find & to get to our seats.

Obviously, the worst part of the evening was their clear showing of suck, losing 8-0. Barf. The second the “Seventh Inning Stretch” started, we bolted from the stadium.

The Buccos of Suckitude are so legendary, that two of my Tweeps are having a little contest about it.

The “This is the Year” bandwagon is driven by Ginny from That’s Church. Poor Ginny. She’s trying so hard to support the Buccos, even though they continue to show her they are teh suck.

The “NO, This is NOT the Year” parade is being led by BurghBaby. I am firmly on BurghBaby’s side on this one. And I can’t wait to fill an ENTIRE bus for Stuff A Bus via Make Room for Crazy this fall!!

If you have a spare $5, please visit the site of whichever bandwagon/parade you agree with and make a donation. It’s for a great cause: KIDS. We all love kids, right? And if you don’t, please comment and remind me why we’re friends again.

What I learned today.

20 04 2010

While reading a Boston Red Sox Fenway Park A-Z book, the book pointed out that #42 is a retired number throughout all baseball teams.

I had no idea. Nor did my little friend. (Though it seems he should know, per his mom!)

But #42 is retired all-around the league. For Jackie Robinson.

Good thing to know. For next time baby-sitting duty, or you know, when I appear on Jeopardy. (Yes, you are to laugh at that last one!)

This week’s to do list:

18 04 2010

In no real particular order…

  • Go to CCAC Boyce and find out about finalizing my application to the Allied Health school. Can school start tomorrow? Please?
  • Figure out what the issue is with my 2010-2011 FAFSA, since I received a letter yesterday from CCAC saying I have to produce some letter from their website & my 2009 tax return. What the heck?
  • Go to my House of Representative‘s office and see if they can help me with finding money for school since I’m getting nowhere fast. And half of the websites I find are either not working or seriously difficult to use. Hello Federal Government!
  • Continue applying to jobs & hopefully finally secure at least a part time job.
  • Babysit my little friend, R, for a little while on Monday afternoon.
  • Go to Joann’s & get some more chenille so I can finish a new fabric letter set & get it up on the Etsy site.
  • Also go shopping at Joann’s with R’s mommy so that I can make some ridiculously fun things for her friend. It’s gonna be So. Much. Fun. That lady has some great ideas!
  • Stop by ClumberKim‘s house to learn her family’s bedtime rituals so that I can baby sit for her two awesome kiddos on later in the week.
  • Maybe attend rugby practice on Tuesday if I have time.
  • Maybe play rugby on Saturday. If my old body will cooperate. Heh.
  • Find a part time job. Which is proving to be a pain in the a**. Right now it’s as bad as the full time job search. (Yes, this on the list TWICE.)
  • Remember the fun times I had this weekend on Friday and Saturday with the rugby folk and their friends. Some of my rugby friends have some pretty cool friends. (Hi Blondie! I think you know who you are… note: the drive in…) And I’m glad I got to talk to them over the weekend in length.

That doesn’t belong there…

13 04 2010

Around 6pm, I walked out of my apartment door and nearly ran into this:

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, that is very blurry picture of a loveseat sized sofa bed on its side, just outside of my apartment door. That’s my apartment door & rugby bag on the left side of the pic.

Um, when did it get there? And how did I not hear it being dumped there? And whose is it? And what made the owner decide that in front of my apartment door the right place to put it?? To be honest, I have TWO apartment doors. A main one, in the pic above, and another one to the right of the sofa bed which actually leads into my bedroom. (I live in what used to be two efficiency apartments that are now a one bedroom apartment.) The door to the bedroom is basically quadruple locked now as I had problems with it the first two months I lived here.

Anyway, what the heck is going on here? I mean, I know my building is strange, but really this is over the top for the strangeness.

I do kind of hope this belongs to the large man whose efficiency apartment is over my bedroom. I hear that guy walking around in what I can only call cement shoes all the time. And I’m lucky enough to hear when he sits down on his sofa or bed because the springs are NOISY.

But the stupid sofa bed was STILL there nearly 4 hours later when I returned from practice & a short appearance at a meeting…

I now hope it’s still there tomorrow morning when I head out so that I can call the landlord & complain. I mean, who leaves a sofa bed outside someone’s door? If it had been earlier in the day, the owner may have found that sofa bed in the dumpster out back after I called in reinforcements to help me carry it outside…


12 04 2010

Saturday was a kind of sad day. My boys lost their Quarterfinal match against Chicago South Side Irish.

I ran touch for the game, and did my very best to be impartial. I was only heckled by some old boys that were out at the game. Helllooooo Mr. Wilson!!!! And that was kind of funny, to be honest.

I could go on & on about the things that went wrong on our side, their side, the referee, their touch judge. But instead, I’m just going to say I’m so proud of my guys. So. Proud.

In addition to how they played, the thanks I received for helping them set up their field. You’re very welcome, guys…

Gentlemen, you played well and I’m so proud of you.  I can’t wait to see you go further after next fall’s season. I know you can do it.  I KNOW THIS. In my heart. I know it.

That’s how I feel today. Proud of my boys.

And since then, I’ve seen no fewer than three emails from my boys to the their teammates. Exceptionally motivating emails for them to continue to play this season and into the fall.

I can’t lie. I wrote this part of this post on Sunday. And waited to post it. Especially after my convo’s on Saturday, I wanted to see what happened.

And my boys continued to make me proud with the rally emails. I love you guys. And I so appreciate you that have thanked me for what I’ve done. You rock. Thank you.

I don’t know what will happen. I lost my crystal ball a long time ago. But I do truly hope that my boys/men rally and continue to show up and fight. And that it continues into the fall so that they are THE team to beat. I have seen and continue to see so much potential in my men. I just want them to go where the Angels have been.

I want a year from now, when I run touch for the Angels, for someone to mouth off about my guys and for me to able to say, when YOU go to Nationals, like my men and women, call me. That would make my life, to this point, guys.  So let’s do it.

I love my rugby club. No matter what. It’s what keeps me here. It’s my family since I’m not living near them… I received many positive comments in person this past Saturday about my involvement. And some of the things that my guys told me at the field and later on in the evening, left me nearly speechless and so proud of the guys. And I’m mentioning it here so that some day when I feel under-appreciated or someone does something stupid, I can re-read this and know, without a doubt, that they do appreciate what I do.

Thank you, and you know who you are. Let’s keep up this season, don’t quit on me. AND keep it going in the fall so that next spring is even better for us, ok? It would mean the world to you and ME.

Date Night.

12 04 2010

Tonight FM and I went to the drive-in. We originally planned to see Hot Tub Time Machine & She’s Out Of Your League (for the 2nd time) but when we got there we changed our plans.

Instead, we saw Date Night and The Bounty Hunter.

We really liked Date Night. The Bounty Hunter was a little confusing and it could have been worse. And we have seen worse movies at the Drive In. So all in all, a good night.

However, I did find out that FM has been offered a new job that he applied for. He hasn’t actually accepted it, but he’s pretty sure he will. It is a good opportunity for him. This means that by mid-May FM will be moving to Louisville, KY for 6-8 months. What happens after that depends on how well he does down there. He’ll either come back to Pittsburgh or get his own office somewhere, apparently.

While I know that this is good for FM and this new job path he’s on, I had to be honest and tell him that I’m not overly happy about it. I’m quite sad actually. I’ll miss him, and this makes our already confusing relationship/non-relationship that much more complicated.

I’m trying to be supportive of him and not bring up the question of the relationship/non-relationship though.

But it still sucks.