How much?

2 04 2010

Good grief. I finally dropped the Midgie off at the dealership today for my overdue inspection & to get new tires.

Yeah, that wasn’t all. I spent nearly $800 when I picked up my car. There goes that awesome tax return that I got a while ago. Ugh.

$30 of that was a rental for the day.

$400 of it was four brand-spanking new tires.

What was the other $350 or so? Well, my inspection. And a new air filter, new windshield wipers (finally!), coolant flush, one new strut (wth is a strut, anyway?) and new brakes.  And maybe one or two other things. I can’t really remember – there was so much on the list that I lost track.

It’s safe to say I felt like I was driving a brand NEW Midgie when I drove away from the dealership.




2 responses

2 04 2010
Whistle Blower

I can relate. Just got my car back – with a new transmission. Had a rental for FIFTEEN days.

4 04 2010

It gets better. My “check engine” light is now on… No clue as to why, because it’s driving like a dream. So I have to take it back in tomorrow!!

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