4 04 2010

During the 2nd half of the rugby match yesterday, I went in at flanker.

We were behind our 22 meter line, a scrum down going on. When in that situation, and you win the scrum, you want your best kicker to kick the ball into touch down the field somewhere. If it all works out, you get a line out at the point where the ball goes into touch, aka out of the boundaries of the field.

So we win the scrum, and I break off and turn around intending to run behind my fly half to support her if the kick can’t happen. But what happened was the ball made it to our new fly half, and she kicked it.

Directly into my face. My face, yo! Mouth, nose, right eye.

It didn’t hurt. Not kidding. No pain. It was more of a “holy crap, did that really just happen?” kind of thing. I pulled out my mouth guard and tossed it to the ground and checked to see if my nose was bleeding. It wasn’t. The ref – a great guy who knows me by name – came over and checked me out. I was fine. Just sort of shocked that this happened AGAIN. (First time was oh 6 years ago in Chicago. Same sort of situation – I turned around and got the kick direct to my nose. No nosebleed then either, btw.) According to the ref, the sound of the ball hitting my face was 10x louder than when the fly half kicked it. Hahaha.

I went back to playing and ended up going out 20 or so minutes into the 2nd half. Not because I was hurt or wasn’t playing well – but because there were a few other issues going on with the team at that point and changes needed to be made. I give one of our captains, Boo, credit for reading everything well and making that decision. She did a good job. I wasn’t upset to be taken out.

I went out and got a bag of ice and applied it as best I could to my nose/mouth/eye area. That’s very awkward, in case you’re wondering. I asked the doc who comes out to help us to check out my nose a bit later, just in case, and he said it wasn’t broken and he saw me ice up and said I did the right thing. And I woke up today without a black eye (the one time I could get a black eye and not worry about it – being unemployed – and it doesn’t happen! I had many offers last night to be punched in the face so I’d get a black eye. No thanks.) but with a pounding headache that still isn’t gone.

What’s even better about this dis-jointed story is that the fly half who kicked that ball? Yeah, she’s one of the girls I COACHED on a high school team back when I started playing rugby again! The poor girl asked me maybe 30 million times if my face was okay. At the field. At the bar later. Me and my face are perfectly fine. Just a tiny bit swollen and a nice little headache. No worse for the wear.

The best part of yesterday was the DIII men’s match afterward… I’m running touch, which you all know I LOOOOOVE. And the other team was bitching amongst themselves and I hear “Shut the eff up.” Didn’t know it was to me… But then I was told something along the lines of “I’m sorry, but the Pittsburgh Angels think they are good, but they have no idea how to play rugby and they suck.” At that point, not only am I ‘officially’ a match assistant referee while running touch, I’m and Angel and buddy poked the bear. My reply was “When your team goes to Nationals and comes in 2nd or better, then you can talk to me.” His reply was to tell me to shut up again.

DON’T POKE THE BEAR, FOLKS. Haven’t we learned this by now? I know people hear about me when they join the club, and I don’t know if I’m happy or miserable about that, but they are told not to poke the bear. I’d think that this relatively local team would also know this. Apparently not…

Now, you know I take my touch judge thing seriously. I really, really do. And when that moron said that to me, I should have bit my tongue and said nothing. I told the match ref and the ref coach who was there to critique the match ref what happened. And I apologized for losing my cool and talking back to the guy…

But what really was awesome was that that moron’s teammate came up to me later and apologized for his team. Twice in the same convo. I thanked him for both apologies & told him I appreciated his apology. I thank him again now in this post, even though I’m sure he & his team have no idea this little blog exists. His apology, while not asked for or demanded or whatever, was very nice and I really do appreciate it. I’m not that bad – I give credit where it is due.



2 responses

5 04 2010

Want me to red card him next time I have their match?

5 04 2010

Nah, although that would be fun. He’s just a lowly meaningless jealous peon. His teammate apologized and I stared daggers at him at Ruggers. It’s fun being scary sometimes. 🙂

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