School update #1

5 04 2010

So I received my transcript in the mail. The second one that I have to submit to the Allied Health school.

This means that CCAC should have the one I had “rush” mailed to them and that I should *hopefully* hear from CCAC about admission soon.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to go back to school. Even to take a biology course. (Lili just read that and fainted because I said I’m excited about Biology.) Hi Lili! I love you!  (And now she’s setting out to change her cell phone number & her and NE’s home number, realizing that I’ll be calling her every 32 minutes to ask for her help with the class.) Hi again! Love you! 🙂

But really. I’m looking forward to this, even if Biology is a foreign language to me and it’s going to take me a lot of work to pass the course.




4 responses

5 04 2010

I think I’m out of the loop, but if you’re excited, I am too!!!

5 04 2010

what i tended to notice in the college courses i taught was that adult learners (and you are an adult learner now!) always thought they were doing worse than they were and ALWAYS worked many thousands of times harder than the youngin’s in class. i’m sure you’ll apply yourself to this like you do to everything else i’ve seen you working around and you’ll be totally great (if perhaps cranky during exam time :D)

5 04 2010

Thanks Katy!

5 04 2010

Good for you! Biology IS fun.

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