School update #2

6 04 2010

Woo Hoo!I received an email from CCAC saying that my “official” acceptance letter is in the mail.

Woo Hoo!

I haven’t received it yet, but I did get two letters regarding financial aid. I have to meet with someone soon because I don’t qualify for some aid because it’s based on my 2008 income, and soon to be based on my 2009 income. Meanwhile, I have no job. I have practically NO INCOME.

That makes no sense to me, because I did note in the application that I was currently unemployed. Apparently they didn’t see that or something? Also, the PA website where I’d apply for a Grant (money, not the Field Mouse.) still says they don’t have the info from the FAFSA.

This is so annoying and takes so much work and is hard to understand. I didn’t have to do this for college. The Nana and Grand Pa took care of that, and I appreciate it. And they are willing to help me now, and have been since I can’t get a freaking job no matter where I apply. (Not kidding. And 3+ ppl have looked at my resume. Apparently, I suck.)

I still have to apply and get into the CCAC Allied Health program. I have nearly everything ready to go, aside from a few meetings I have to have at CCAC Boyce with some folks.

I just want to start school. Tomorrow. NOW. Even BIOLOGY. I hate Biology. That’s Lili’s area. I’m more a Physics girl. That’s why I said she fainted when I said I was excited for a Biology class… (I swear I’m going to work my a** off for this Bio class Lili. I’ll make you proud!)

I just want to start school and get this thing underway. I’m super excited about it, but all this paperwork and relying on my OLD financial information makes me so frustrated.





2 responses

7 04 2010

I’d offer to help with the Fasfa but I honestly have no idea how it works. Each year I somehow make it work but I’m never sure how… Good luck!

7 04 2010

The whole thing is stupid. CCAC has my FAFSA info, but the state doesn’t, so I can’t apply for the state grant thing. STUPID.

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