Tweeps love me…

9 04 2010

And I love them too.

Big – no. BIG BIG SHOUT OUT TO the Burghs Eye View podcast.

They talked about me a ton on their last Podcast. So you should go and listen. BUT… This is NSFW and pretty much rated R. That’s your warning. But I love that @hutchunit gives me big credit for knowing my rugby. And @burghseyeview makes it known I run the tourney and took care of things at My Living Room, back in the day. Love you guys….

I guess I now have to make an appearance on the show so peeps know who I am, huh? Ugh.

BurghsEyeView Episode 85

See: 6:57 – 9:00

And then 41:22 -45:30

My Living Room is not so much and Irish place, although it does have my FAVORITE Magner’s Irish Cider on tap now, thanks to Al. Best thing ever at Ruggers till they get my MOKAH on tap in May. (please, Cowboy, please??!!!) NO really, please get my Mokah.

But it isn’t a BIG place, but @hutchunit, when he turns 21 is welcome to come down and see pics of ME on the wall. 🙂 As opposed to what he saw back in the day… And the other fantastic photos we’ve put up since the last time he was there.

But really, as a kinda-old woman still playing rugby to keep in shape, I appreciate the kind words and it makes me want to continue what I’m doing. I wish I could help @hutchunit’s team more, if they weren’t so far away. I encourage them to come watch the men or especially the 2nd in the Nation ANGELS anytime they can….

And yes, when you can claim 2nd Nationally or better, yes, then you can criticize me, my team, my field lining skills or anything else you want. But until then? And including tomorrow’s match vs. So Side Irish? You can gladly learn from me. I’m happy to be your touch judge and educator. Thankyouverymuch, jerkos.

Take that, suckers. Welcome to Coopers Lake and the wind. Your life is going to be bad for a few hours. And I’ll do a little dance about it later.

Thanks BEV. And my ruggers who helped make the field today. LOVE YOU.




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