That doesn’t belong there…

13 04 2010

Around 6pm, I walked out of my apartment door and nearly ran into this:

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, that is very blurry picture of a loveseat sized sofa bed on its side, just outside of my apartment door. That’s my apartment door & rugby bag on the left side of the pic.

Um, when did it get there? And how did I not hear it being dumped there? And whose is it? And what made the owner decide that in front of my apartment door the right place to put it?? To be honest, I have TWO apartment doors. A main one, in the pic above, and another one to the right of the sofa bed which actually leads into my bedroom. (I live in what used to be two efficiency apartments that are now a one bedroom apartment.) The door to the bedroom is basically quadruple locked now as I had problems with it the first two months I lived here.

Anyway, what the heck is going on here? I mean, I know my building is strange, but really this is over the top for the strangeness.

I do kind of hope this belongs to the large man whose efficiency apartment is over my bedroom. I hear that guy walking around in what I can only call cement shoes all the time. And I’m lucky enough to hear when he sits down on his sofa or bed because the springs are NOISY.

But the stupid sofa bed was STILL there nearly 4 hours later when I returned from practice & a short appearance at a meeting…

I now hope it’s still there tomorrow morning when I head out so that I can call the landlord & complain. I mean, who leaves a sofa bed outside someone’s door? If it had been earlier in the day, the owner may have found that sofa bed in the dumpster out back after I called in reinforcements to help me carry it outside…




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