This week’s to do list:

18 04 2010

In no real particular order…

  • Go to CCAC Boyce and find out about finalizing my application to the Allied Health school. Can school start tomorrow? Please?
  • Figure out what the issue is with my 2010-2011 FAFSA, since I received a letter yesterday from CCAC saying I have to produce some letter from their website & my 2009 tax return. What the heck?
  • Go to my House of Representative‘s office and see if they can help me with finding money for school since I’m getting nowhere fast. And half of the websites I find are either not working or seriously difficult to use. Hello Federal Government!
  • Continue applying to jobs & hopefully finally secure at least a part time job.
  • Babysit my little friend, R, for a little while on Monday afternoon.
  • Go to Joann’s & get some more chenille so I can finish a new fabric letter set & get it up on the Etsy site.
  • Also go shopping at Joann’s with R’s mommy so that I can make some ridiculously fun things for her friend. It’s gonna be So. Much. Fun. That lady has some great ideas!
  • Stop by ClumberKim‘s house to learn her family’s bedtime rituals so that I can baby sit for her two awesome kiddos on later in the week.
  • Maybe attend rugby practice on Tuesday if I have time.
  • Maybe play rugby on Saturday. If my old body will cooperate. Heh.
  • Find a part time job. Which is proving to be a pain in the a**. Right now it’s as bad as the full time job search. (Yes, this on the list TWICE.)
  • Remember the fun times I had this weekend on Friday and Saturday with the rugby folk and their friends. Some of my rugby friends have some pretty cool friends. (Hi Blondie! I think you know who you are… note: the drive in…) And I’m glad I got to talk to them over the weekend in length.



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