What I learned today.

20 04 2010

While reading a Boston Red Sox Fenway Park A-Z book, the book pointed out that #42 is a retired number throughout all baseball teams.

I had no idea. Nor did my little friend. (Though it seems he should know, per his mom!)

But #42 is retired all-around the league. For Jackie Robinson.

Good thing to know. For next time baby-sitting duty, or you know, when I appear on Jeopardy. (Yes, you are to laugh at that last one!)




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20 04 2010

Your little friend asks about 42 every time I read that book with him, and I always explain it! He’s read books about Clemente and even the Homestead Grays (leading to interesting conversations about segregation). I guess I need to make sure he brings home a Jackie Robinson book from the library this week.

25 04 2010

He brought home a book called “Teammates” this week. It’s about Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese. We’ve read it twice so far.

25 04 2010

We also read that one on Thursday. Good book. 🙂 I was also informed that Ted Williams is the guy who hit the longest home run in Fenway, which is why there is a lone red seat in the right field bleachers. Also, O would like to sit in that seat. I can’t wait to talk to my brother in law and dazzle him with all this baseball knowledge O has given me! lol

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