23 04 2010

Who on the planet does not enjoy blowing soap bubbles?

After the past month I’ve had with two lovely 3-4 year old ladies and soap bubbles, I plainly state that you cannot NOT enjoy blowing soap bubbles!!

My first experience was with the former  New Orleans resident’s kid (aka NO in the Cast Of Characers, NO is not on there yet, but I’ll get to that soon…) and OMG was it FUN. FUN. If I could make that last fun bigger and in bold, it may encompass what I felt..

My little lady friend and I blew bubbles for HOURS. HOURS I tell you!! And she wanted to smush every one. But once in a while, they caught the wind, and we watched them go up and up and up…

And then yesterday, me and my friend E, we tried to use a new bubble thing, but I did not have the appropriate four-point screwdriver (I opened my trunk and my screwdriver set to try!!) to make it happen.   But no dice…

But then, after dinner, I discovered a new brand of fun. More bubbles, courtesy of Target.

We played with that for hours. Hours, I tell you. It WAS FUN. So many bubbles!!!

I’ll be honest. I love soap bubbles. I love them. And I love when my small kiddos love them too, even when they throw the bubble potion all over me in an attempt to blow bubbles. Pretty sure my jeans, if wet, could generate some bubbles….

Who the heck does not love bubbles??

This is now on the list of things to take with me for the special weekend with Little C I have coming up. So excited. She will LOVE bubbles!

Side note: must research hotel to make sure there is a big enough green space for us to DO bubbles. I don’t want my little lady running into cars or other things… Lili, plz to send me hotel address? Thankyouverymuch!

Also, BUBBLES!!!




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