Rugby Love.

28 04 2010

Ok. We know here that I LOVE rugby. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

And we know I kinda retired, for now. Ok maybe forever. Who knows?

And that is all fine & good, but there have been two incidents this season that I HAVE to point out to people.

I love my tweeps and readers because we support things. We always do. We’re all about kids right now, and believe me. I love my kiddos… But this rugby thing is taking away my heart… If you have a spare $1, I ask that you give that $1 or more to one of these two issues. Because in the end, it’s for their kids.

First, earlier this year, there was Mike Jones. An Albany, NY rugby player who was injured during a match in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  (Right near my family!! OMG!) You can read about him at this link or donate, if you would like to at this link.

And then today I see this story about a Milwaukee Westside Harlequins player, from Fiji. Who died after what all of us would see as a regular hit. See this link.

My friend NO (yes, he’s still not on the Cast Of Characters. I know) posted this to Facebook earlier.

And this kind of thing happening so close after Mike Jones makes me so sad. So very, very sad.

We never hear of these kinds of things in womens’ rugby. I don’t know why. I could speculate, but I will not. Instead, for the love of MY sport, if you have a spare buck or two, please help these two families.

Rugby is amazing. It’s why I am who I am. I LOVE rugby. It’s given me more experience than any job could… I’m not kidding.

I know most of you don’t get it… But it’s not easy to explain… And through it I have not one, but two families here in Pittsburgh. The ruggers and the tweeps. So if you have a spare dollar, please help my fellow ruggers. Please. And thank you.




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29 04 2010
Burgh Baby

You’re amazing.

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