Phone fail.

30 04 2010

Once again, my lovely phone and AT&T has failed me.

Apparently I somehow “missed” three, no again, THREE phone calls from The GrandPa.

I saw that he called early on Thursday, but no voice mail notice popped up. So I figured he’d call back, right? Fast forward to today, late today, while babysitting Mr. Blue Eyes (he’s up on the Cast O’Characters. Whoo!) when my phone suddenly showed 3 – no THREE – voice mails. WHAT??? I saw no missed phone calls! Most are family. And I answer… But how did this happen?

While Mr. Blue Eyes was in his “I’m OMG so tired but I’m not going to bed and I’ll cry when you show me my bed” state, he just sat there and stared at me, so  I returned the call to Grand Pa.

So I left a detailed message, about what I was doing, what happened and what Mr. Blue Eyes and I were about to do (sleep for Mr. Blue Eyes.)

However, what The Nana and Grand Pa heard was basically “Hi, it’s me… I’m babysitting here with Mr. Blue Eyes and….” and then my phone or their voice mail died. I’m blaming my phone. NO chance it was their voice mail. My phone has been there. Done that. And now again.

What the heck AT&T? I love you. Been a customer through all of your issues and changes for YEARS. Years, I tell you. And I still dream of the day I might one day own an iPhone. But if you keep crapping out on me like this, I can’t continue. My parents are trying to help me right now and my not getting their calls OR voice mails are seriously starting to put the nail in your coffin.

Side note: Cast of Characters has been updated to reflect Mr. Blue Eyes AND NO. Thank you, and you’re welcome.  I think….




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