Pittsburgh Marathon

2 05 2010

I spent this morning with a few of my Twitter friends working a water station for the Pittsburgh Marathon.

We were at mile marker 7, right near the Rivers Casino.

We had to be there by 6:45am. (And yes, I was there on time. Thanks to my cement-shoe-wearing neighbor, I didn’t get more than an hour of sleep. Yay.) Once we signed in and got our fancy orange volunteer shirt, we had to set up a bunch of tables and then approximately seventy kagillion cups and fill them with water or Gatorade.

And then we waited for the runners and walkers. You basically stand there with your arm out with a glass of water in it and the runners grab – or try to grab them – as they run past.

Pretty much you look like this:

The lead pack came through quickly. And by quickly, I mean that I swear they were sprinting. Incredibly fast pace. I don’t think I’ve ever run that fast.

And then we started getting bigger packs of runners. Whoo boy, that’s kind of crazy.

We were lucky enough to be near the person @Beth910 and I crowned the “Jon Gosselin of the Water Station”. This guy just stood there with a cup in his hand and spent so much time looking around at other volunteers & such that he ended up in the way of the runners. People kept telling us to step back closer to the table, but this guy just wouldn’t listen. Runners knocked water out of his hand (because he was in the way) and onto @Beth910 multiple times. I wanted to tackle him SO badly. Or for a runner to do so.

It was a really cool experience, and something I’d definitely do again. It was really interesting for me to hear the number of runners and walkers who thanked the volunteers as they came past, whether they took water from us or not. They’re all out there doing the work, and for them to thank us was really cool.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any of the Twitter or rugby-related folks that were actually running the marathon. But congrats to all of them for their efforts!




One response

4 05 2010

I didn’t get a chance to thank a lot of the volunteers this race because I had a difficult enough time just staying on my feet to run and mumbling real words seemed too impossible. But I’ll say it now. Thank you for volunteering your morning to provide us crazy runners with fluids. Your time and effort is very much appreciated by us all.

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