4 05 2010

I paid my tuition for CCAC First Summer Session yesterday afternoon. Well, I did the actual activity of paying. I believe The Nana and The Grand Pa are doing the actual paying since I can’t get financial aid when taking less than 6 credits.  And I still don’t have a job. And I still only receive unemployment. (And thank you so much, The Nana and The Grand Pa!)

So, it’s official. I start Introduction to Biological Science class two weeks from today.

Good grief am I terrified. But even more so, I’m excited. I can’t wait to get my books & start class.

However, I can’t get books until I get a CCAC ID card. I have no idea how to get that, so I’ll be visiting CCAC to find out, and to handle that FAFSA issue they sent me some mail about.

I also went to the store yesterday to get an ink cartridge for my printer so that I can print what I need for that FAFSA issue. I decided, while there, I may as well get some loose leaf paper and a binder. And maybe a folder or two.

Holy crap are school supplies expensive! And printer ink is just like being robbed. I walked out with 1 black HP ink cartridge, the cheapest binder I could find, one pack of filler paper and two file folders for just over $31.

Just wait till I finally get to those books. Right now new ones are going to run $140. Please pray I find used ones and can save around $40.

Oy. I can only imagine the costs when I start school FULL TIME, rather than just ONE CLASS.

Also, Lili and other Biology super stars, this is your official warning that your phone may ring off the hook starting May 18th.




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6 05 2010
Laura V

Amazon often has books for less than campus stores, though still not cheap.

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