March for Babies!

5 05 2010

The Aunt-In-Training is at it again! I’m walking in the March for Babies again this year!

And this year it’s even more important to me, given all of the babies I know that have been born in the past year! My Little C, Teaspoon, Mr. Blue Eyes, MW, and a new rugger baby that was just born a few days ago! Plus all the little nieces and nephews that have come into my friends’ lives over the past year. Plus a whole slew of friends who are pregnant (it’s apparently in the water! Stay away!)

This time it’s a Sunday, which means I don’t have to miss any rugby or any of the walk! Hooray!

I can’t wait to see all of my friends – adult and kiddos too! (Note to Spoon & his lovely wife: I hope to see my Teaspoon and get to hang out with him a bit, just FYI!)

Please consider donating to help the cause. You can do so by clicking on the icon below.

I thank you for your donation in advance. Just think of all the little babies you’re helping!! Doesn’t that make you happy!? (If you’re confused, the answer is YES, helping the babies makes everyone happy!)



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