Happy Birthday.

10 05 2010

No, not mine. I don’t have those anymore. Whew.

But, it’s Little C’s FIRST BIRTHDAY on Tuesday!

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t feel like a year has gone by. What happened? It can’t be a year, can it? And it certainly doesn’t seem like she should be or can be so big! Where did my lovely baby burrito go? She’s walking! (*tears*) She’s wearing shoes. She has cute little bangs & crazy hair. She is feeding herself. (*tears*) Did I mention that SHE. IS. WALKING. Walking? What?

I certainly do not approve of all of this. However, my love for her knows no bounds and I may hate her getting bigger, but I am SO PROUD of her, and really, she can do no wrong in my mind. According to my sister, I’m supposed to be one of the fun ones, and I AM super-fun Aunt-in-training, you know… And she truly is the love of my life. Truly. I love her so much. It makes me crazy how much I love her.

That being said, I want my baby burrito back. I want that baby (from my favorite picture of us) who curled up on me while standing in the kitchen/living room and literally ripped my heart from my chest and stole it forever:

Picture posted with the permission of Lili!

Look how LITTLE she was!!!! And yes, that is THE picture. THE picture of the second Little C stole me from ME and I became her biggest fan. I wasn’t even asked to be her Godmother yet! I just loved her so much! She STOLE my heart!

I still want my baby back. The one who slept on my chest just minutes after the picture above and we sat down in her home. Please.

The baby burrito Little C who fell asleep looking at my eyes and at the birds the night before I left her.

The 4 month old who giggled like crazy when I tickled her after her Christening. And who was SO gorgeous in her Christening gown (that Lili and I wore back in the day, btw!) And who tried to eat my nose and face the day I was leaving!

The little 6 month old who giggled and had such a fun time with me and The Nana and The Grand Pa when we played and walked while Lili and NE went on their 1st Family Holiday Run at Thanksgiving… And who sat in the Baby Bjorn while The Nana and Lili shopped… (the ONLY reason I survived the “Black Friday” shopping day!!!) And the baby bird lover, who, on her tummy first said “da burrrr” while on video I took, pointing to her little red Cardinal bird toy that she has. Please.

The little 7 month old who dressed as a little convict for Halloween.

The little 8 month old who giggled had such a fun time with me on Christmas morning when we played with some toys I made for her, and others, while Lili and NE went on their 2nd Family Holiday Run. And then the little lady who was OMG. SO. EXCITED. about all of her presents. And who squealed with glee. And who hugged her now named “Molly” doll that I made with her, with clear joy in her eyes. Please.

(The rest is based on You Tube vids… )

The 9 month old who LOVES to swim. LOVES. She looked so cute! The same girl who just started to crawl…

The 10 month old who found SO. MUCH. JOY. in a Mickey Mouse cup that Lili and I both had from a visit from Disney a LONG time ago. And who just played with her first balloon at a restaurant and LOVED it.

And 11 month old, toddler, I see now in videos from my sister, where I see Molly, my Ring Toy and the letters, numbers and shapes I made for Little C in the background. The little lady who wandered through a little kiddo water park and was OMG so cool with it!

Sadly, I can’t have that tiny person come back to me. She’s bigger and getting older… And I’m even more proud of her, because nearly every video I see, she does something even more amazing than the previous video.

In reality, I can’t visit Little C on her birthday. OR for her Big 1st Birthday Party. I’m so sad about that. But that’s how things are right now.

But somehow, I seem to think I win in this situation. I can’t spend birthday day or party with her, but, you see, I get to celebrate her birthday with her around one month later during the special “Little C and Me” weekend.

“Little C and Me” weekend is in June, when Little C, Lili and NE come up North for a wedding. I get to share a Friday night and Sunday afternoon with Lili, NE and Little C! (I can’t wait to see my sister and NE. I miss them!!)

AND I get all day Saturday for Little C and Me. And it will be the best day ever.  Plus, I’ll get to give Little C her birthday present IN PERSON. I’m kind of excited about that.

THAT, is the Laugh & Learn Mailbox. I first saw it just before I left for Christmas in Florida. I didn’t see it in Toys’R’Us, because I would have bought 20 of them for the Christmas Crazy…  Doesn’t it look like fun?!

Anyway, since I can’t be there on her birthday, I have this message for her. And if anyone wants to wish her Happy Birthday in the comments, please do! I’ll make sure Lili sees them!

Dear Little C:

First of all, I LOVE YOU!!! And then, HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!! Aunt C loves you so much!! I’m sorry I can’t be there for your party. I hope you, Mommy and Daddy, all of your grandparents and all of your little friends have a great time on your birthday and that you dig into your 1st birthday cake like it’s the best thing EVER! (I hope your mommy or The Nana has found you some kind of ice cream birthday cake!!) Enjoy your presents too! Aunt C will see you soon and will have a brand new birthday present for you on our great adventure day! It will be so much fun!

I love you.

Aunt C




6 responses

10 05 2010


They do just keep growing, never asking for permission. No fair!

She’s going to love the mail box. How cute!

10 05 2010

Happy Birthday Little C!

10 05 2010
Uncle Crappy

Watching the kidlings grow up is hard, yes. I still can’t believe that my oldest nephew is 10 and that when we were actually carrying on complete conversations with our 4-year-old niece when we visited them in Florida a few weeks ago.

But on the other hand, it’s been really cool to see how they change. It’s been great to see Mollie, especially, become her own person, even at just 4 years old. The boys have their own personalities, too — they’re not just kids anymore, but they’re turning into actual people.

But the best part — and the part, AAA, that you can continue to look forward to — is that even as they get older, they’re still happy to see their aunts and uncles. That hasn’t changed, and I don’t think it ever will.

Happy birthday, Little C. You’ve got a great family to look after you and many, many great years ahead.

11 05 2010
Burgh Baby

Happy birthday, Little C!

12 05 2010

First: Happy Birthday Little C, May your day be filled with fun, presents, handfuls of cake and love.

Second: I talk of my 5 nieces and my new granddaughter (now 4 yo) a lot and I can see everything you mention. I was there for all, but one, of my nieces births and watched them grow up, I even have pictures of when they were younger. They grew so fast. I don’t get to see the nieces or granddaughter as much as I want and I know I will miss something…the “events” in their lives and it won’t be because I didn’t try to be there.

@pghrugbyangel, I hope you and Little C, as well as your family, have a wonderful time. Little C needs to know her Aunt, her Aunt’s love and how great her Aunt is. 🙂

12 05 2010

Oops, my granddaughter is “4 months old”…I was thinking of a my youngest niece ><

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