And so it begins…

17 05 2010

Tomorrow at 8am, my first college level course in oh, 12 years will commence.

EEK. I hope you are all praying for me!

Today, I finally got my books. $116. A little better than the $140 I was expecting – I was able to get one book (the more expensive one) used. Woo Hoo!! However, that is for ONE class. The fall is making me see $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

I also got my CCAC school ID. And wow, do I look craptastic in the picture. Not that I expected professional head shot or anything. But, yuck. It’s just as bad as my driver’s license picture. Sigh.

I also met with an Academic Adviser because this application to the Radiology program has be a little nervous. I still don’t have all the info back from the school to turn it in!!

When I scheduled tomorrow’s class (April 8th) I also dropped off my official transcript transfer form and gave them permission to review the transcript. But I’ve never heard back about what classes from OU will transfer. (I still find it kind of strange that classes I took nearly 12-16+ years ago count toward school now. And I just threw up a little bit admitting I started college that long ago.)

And I found out why. They didn’t review my transcript until LAST FRIDAY. That’s right. Over a month after I dropped it off. Wonderful.

So the adviser and I sat down and figured out what transfers. 16.66 credits! Some of them are “test outs” such as basic English and Math. But no Fitness Elective for me this fall! No Humanities Elective in the spring! No Physics class next 1st summer session! No Social Science Elective the following fall! Considering one credit at CCAC is around $80, that’s $1,000 I’ll save on my total tuition, plus the cost of those books/necessities. I’ll call that a win.

Now I just have to wait for that transcript thing to be mailed to me. And write my self-essay. I TOTALLY forgot about this part. Here’s what it is, 1 page, maximum.

  • My student info (name, address, student # etc)
  • A summary of recent, pertinent life experience:
    • education (HS to present)
    • recent work experience
    • related personal or family medical experiences
    • volunteer work or community service
    • hobbies & interests
    • awards & honors
    • memberships
  • Description of your major field of interest, in your own words
  • Explanation of your choice of career goal
  • Summary of my self-perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • Summary of educational and career goals

Um, HALP! All I can think of now is that I worked in a radiologists office one summer and I really enjoyed the work, and helping the patients understand their procedures. I also have rugby and the number of xrays that has caused myself and friends. Volunteer work will be rugby and now the marathon. I can’t think of anything else.

It’s supposed to be clear and concise… Does a list of bullet points equal clear and concise? Do I need to have paragraphs? It’s such a strange list of things…

Ugh. This is gonna be rough…


Side note: First day of school marks ONE MONTH till the Little C and Me Adventure Weekend. And that, makes it all worth while. That and The Nana and The GrandPa. You are my motivation… I will kick Biology’s butt. I’m going to show Biology that I’m the BOSS.



5 responses

17 05 2010

First day of school is always fun. Good luck to you!

I have no idea how any of that could make up a self-essay, so I say whatever you do will be fine 🙂 Just make sure you sound like you really want this career and that you are going to be kick ass at it (which, you will!).

Yay one more month! So soon!

17 05 2010

Thank you!! I do want to do this… And I’m seriously ready to get into it… This little Bio class is killing me. I just want to start the “real” stuff! Thanks! Hope to see you soon!

17 05 2010

if you want to come hold miles, i can help you with your admission essay. i spent a lot of time working on personal statements and admission essays when i worked in the writing center for 10 years!

17 05 2010

Hold Miles? You do know he LOOOOVES my shoulder for sleep… I’d love to, but I might just figure out something and email it to you. But if it’s after 2pm Tues-Thurs? I might come and snuggle or play with him. I need baby time. My Little C vid of 1st bday made me cry… I’m so far away…

17 05 2010

Good luck tomorrow!! You’ll do fine with this class.

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