School. Day 1.

18 05 2010

Hooray for school starting!

For once, I was able to wake up not just on TIME, but a full hour and a half before I needed to get up to get ready for class. Nerves, anyone? Did I mention I didn’t sleep Sunday night? Like, at all? Good grief.

The professor told us NOT to buy the textbook that is sold in the bookstore. Yeah, the one I bought yesterday… (I nearly didn’t buy my books on Monday & considered buying them after my 1st class, but being how I am, I wanted them before class…) We DO need the lab manual, but she said we don’t need the text. For reference, she said that any collegiate-level biology course text from the past 3-4 years will suffice. (Anyone have one they want to donate for the semester or charge me next to nothing to take off your hands?)

Anyway, today’s lesson was about the Scientific Method. Really, basic stuff in my opinion. This opinion could be because I suddenly remembered stuff from my 10th grade Biology class… or learned it from Lili somehow, since she’s the Biology Master… and totally understood it all… (including concepts that I totally failed to understand in HS. Things like deductive and inductive reasoning, and dependent and independent variables. The extent to which these confused me back then is SILLY.) But I totally got it today.

The only negative was the number of people a) arriving late. VERY late… who does that for the first class? Or at all? and b) the number of questions about some very basic concepts of the Scientific Method. This kind of confused me… how do I remember this from high school and people younger than I do not? And then I remembered I’m an uber-dork, with a sister that teaches HS Biology and Anatomy & Physiology, and that I have a memory that allows me to remember the STRANGEST things on the planet, but forgetting things I need to do day-to-day.

School part 2 started around 5:45ish when I showed up at the Backstage Bar in Theater Square for “Crappy Beer School.” As I said before, I was attending for CPG who wouldn’t be home in time. Between that post and tonight, Mr. HowIMetYourRugger managed to find two additional people to attend: a non-rugby friend and my rugby buddy, Giggles!

Before HIMYR & Co. arrived, I entered the venue with two other friends (Shadow & his lovely wife-to-be.) because the jazz band in the bar was OMG. SO. LOUD. The Beer School venue is set up with a bunch of tables on the floor, and then, in the back, three rows of tiered seating, 13 seats per row. Turns out the folks I entered with were in the row behind me, just a seat over. Then FatherSpoon showed up. And sat down next to me. Since his lovely wife couldn’t make it, he brought Mr.Dirby…

Around then, HIMYR showed up with Giggles. I went to give HIMYR to give him his ticket and he decided to give his ticket to Giggles and sit with his buddy at the table. Yes, my “date” bailed on me, but I WIN! (Little mini-date with Birthday Girl’s boyfriend!! Giggles & BG invited me over a few times last week, but I couldn’t go because I was sick…)

Next, MrsCrappy and a new (first IRL) friend, Andrea, showed up and sat right behind me. Ergo, I WIN = Giggles, Spoon, Dirby, Shadow & lovely wife-to-be, plus MrsCrappy and Andrea… All of 8 us in the same oh, approx. 8 foot by 4 foot area. Welcome to the bad kids section of the event… lol.

Besides Giggles, most of us Tweeted (sorta live-Tweeted, but not that serious… See Spoon’s tweets… ahem.) the event. Like I said, sort of… A certain Nash-vegas transplant requested that we start the wave. I showed the request to all involved and they all agreed. However, we were literally in the clear back, the event was about to end, and well, most people had drank at least 2 bottles of beer (4 beers total, to share between 2 people) and perhaps other beers before the event, so it didn’t happen. Sorry, Nash-vegas transplant!

Being that I’m NOT a beer lover, per se, (although Uncle Crappy certainly is convinced that he’ll make me one) I really did have a great time.

I did not drink that much. I did try each beer, but those I couldn’t or didn’t want to finish, I gave to Giggles. School tomorrow, and my absolute fear of more heartburn took over. Look at me being all responsible… Also, family, please do not fall onto the floor from that statement.

Would it have been different if a bunch of my good friends, and a new friend, were not in the same area? Maybe. Did the presence of friends that were there (and not just the ones sitting in my area or hosting) make it better? Absolutely.

Thank you, CPG, for letting me go in your absence. I owe you something… Figure out what & let me know. 🙂 I wish you could have been there, and we should definitely go to one of these together in the future. And thank you, friends, for making the end to such an important day (biology class, yo!) in my life that much better.

Sorry I had to leave you early. But please understand, I have this cheering section for this class, and for my future: The Nana, The GrandPa, Lili, (and maybe Little C, I’m sure Lili could get her to cheer… Or laugh, clap, say “Burr” aka bird, and giggle and babble…), and you Tweeps, and I appreciate the cheering and support SO MUCH that I cannot let these folks down, most especially, my family… I CANNOT. I WILL. NOT. I’m going to kick Biology’s butt myself, and for them.

**Quiz #1 is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, and if it IS happening, that means my attendance at the Marathon Volunteer party & baseball game will NOT happen, unfortunately. Sorry, but I just can’t risk it. I know you that know me understand. 🙂 And I thank you for it.

Ready to kick some more Biology butt tomorrow! WOO HOO!

Oh! And thanks to all my Facebook friends who wished me luck & “liked” my status and wished me luck. Thank you. 🙂



2 responses

18 05 2010
Nash-vegas Transplant

Too bad the wave didn’t pan out. Starting trouble from 600 miles away was fun even if it didn’t really happen! Thanks for letting me be a part of the big night!! Glad everyone had a good time!! *hugs!*

19 05 2010

Glad you enjoyed yourself and that you could use the ticket! And, you owe me nothing. But, let me know if you happen to be around this weekend and want to go to a baseball game … A certain someone is going out of town leaving me 3 games for which I need to find a companion and while I will absolutely go alone, it’s always more fun with someone else!

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