School. Day 2

19 05 2010

Today was pretty interesting.

When the professor showed up, she held up a stack of our lab reports from the day before. The lab was on Scientific Method, the material presented in class yesterday. When I left on Tuesday, I felt pretty confident that I did well. The professor proceeded to say that while we had all nodded & said we understood the lesson, the lab reports proved the opposite.

She began to go over some of the questions and answers. And I began to worry. Some things she said, I remembered writing on the report. But others I did not. By the time she was done, I was a hair shy of panic. She passes back a few reports and gets to mine. Hands me mine, and then mentions that the top score was a 9.4 out of 10, which just a few of the class got. I was convinced I didn’t want to see my score until later… But I went ahead and looked and BAZINGA! I got a 9.4/10!! Sweet.

Eventually, we begin class, get to our break, and then spent nearly 50 minutes – FIFTY MINUTES, PEOPLE! discussing politics, health care reform, social issues and… I don’t know… I kind of was shocked that my Bio class went from the assigned topic of the “Biosphere” to current political topics. Huh? Another guy in the class actually had to raise his hand and request that we return to the topic at hand. WOW.

I ended up pairing with the same guy as yesterday for lab. He seems nice enough, and I think I’ll be working with him for the whole course, and I’m cool with that. He’s nice, and as I found out today, we work well together and since we’re not Biology Superstars, (yet!) we caught each others mistakes two or three times.

Today’s lab was Metrics. Converting meters to centimeters, Fahrenheit to Celsius, liquid measurements etc. The professor stopped by to ask my partner and I about our Biology background. When we admitted (none for him, none since eons ago in HS for me) our lack of experience, she was kind of surprised and said we were both doing a great job. Hooray!

I’m kind of excited for tomorrow to see what I get on today’s lab report.




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