Speed biology.

25 05 2010

That’s essentially what my class right now is. Speed biology. Each class is supposed to cover what would normally be covered in ONE WEEK in the Fall or Spring semesters.

So doing the math, I just finished the 4th week of a “regular” bio class. Good grief.

We spent last week & the beginning of class today learning basics: Scientific Method, the Organization of Life etc. A TON of material. And tomorrow we have our quiz on that material – the 1st quiz of the course – and it doesn’t feel like a quiz. It feels like an exam.

Today we covered basic chemistry. We breezed through that in the remainder of today’s class and have a quiz on it on Thursday. Because of tomorrow’s quiz and the amount of material that may be included on the quiz, I didn’t get a chance to re-write my notes or even start to make note cards etc. for Thursday’s quiz.

Tomorrow we start Biochemistry of Life or something, will have a quiz on that probably Tuesday and will most likely have an exam next Thursday.

Good grief. We just started class ONE WEEK ago…  And per the “speed” method, I’m now entering the 5th week of “regular” bio class tomorrow.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine is.

I have to be honest, I want & need a part-time job, but WOW am I glad I don’t have one right now. The whole original plan my dad and I discussed, about having one full day per week to study? Yeah, that would NOT cut it. I’ve studied every day since class started, and the professor even said last Thursday that we should plan to study all of last weekend, and to study every day as well. I can’t imagine having another class or a job or rugby or anything, really, while taking this class.

Oy. Let’s hope I do well on tomorrow’s quiz. I have no idea what to expect, but I feel pretty confident that I know the material. I spent a few hours today in the library testing myself with the note cards I made (over 60 of them!)




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