26 05 2010

Well, for now anyway, I seem to be relatively intelligent…

I received 10/10 on the lab from Tuesday on Atoms & Chemistry*.

I took the 1st quiz today, and then the professor collected the quiz and separate answer sheets. She then went over the answers. She’s really good at giving some kind of partial score if you get part of the answer right, but when I kept score along with her discussion, I came up with somewhere between 23-26 of 30 correct. There were two I KNEW I got wrong (dang endocrine and lymphatic organ systems! AND why I could not remember that producers were the first step in the food chain, I have no idea. I wrote down something completely, entirely wrong);  one I knew I spelled wrong & would be marked wrong (fresh water floor name – profundial, and I wrote profundatory. WTH?) and for three questions, I wondered how she’d interpret my answers since they weren’t verbatim of the answer she reviewed.

Later in the class, after our break, she had partially graded all of them, and commented that she was very disappointed in the results. This led me to think I had done worse than I thought. I was miserable for around an hour. Terrified to tell you guys, Twitter & my family the results…

But the results of today’s quiz? 25.5 out of 30. 85%.She returned the graded answer sheets to us temporarily during lab session later in the day. I scored the highest B grade, according to what the professor told me when she handed me my answer sheet. From above, I entirely missed the organ system question, the fresh water floor name question and the producers question. But the others I questioned, I did receive partial credit for, leading to 25.5.

Whew. Also, YAY!!!

In the class, there were 2 A’s, 3 B’s, 3 C’s. We all passed. WOO HOO!!!

I think there were 3 D’s. And those that received F’s, I think, were equal in number to those of us who passed & received D’s!!! Yikes.

The professor commented to me that I was doing very well & to keep it up. She doesn’t have to worry. I will.

Tomorrow is the quiz on Chemistry*. I spent three hours at the library tonight copying notes, making note cards, testing myself. There are a few things I still don’t recall each time, but I’m confident I can do this. I’m going to wake up a little earlier tomorrow so that I can go over the note cards again before leaving for class.

* Side note…. Lili and all of you who offered to help me with this class: NONE of you told me Chemistry would be involved here at all!! I nearly jumped out of my skin when she started this section! I think I did WORSE in Chemistry in HS than I did in Biology!!!!!

I’m actually enjoying learning all of this – again – and The Nana, The GrandPa and Lili, sit down before reading this… As someone who has only ever really understood Physics, I’ve given Lili eye-rolls and questioned what the heck she was doing loving Bio and Anatomy & Physiology from HS enough to become an educator who teaches those subjects. (Not being a teacher, keep in mind – but those subjects!!) I’m eating my words now, with Bio. I really like it. I really do. And I am really looking forward to A & P. And, if I can, I will choose the same professor for A & P as I have for Bio. A & P is “her” subject. She’s tough – but I’m glad I have her now –  I will know what I need to know. And if I have her for A & P, I’ll definitely know what I need to know…

My family just read that paragraph and fainted, laughed or was shocked… I’ve hated Bio and feared A & P for so long, the fact I like it, might cause massive brain trauma for them to learn I like it. Sorry! I love you!!!! Or maybe they’re happy, who knows.

Also, nothing from the radiology program yet. I’m terrified. True story. Say a prayer for me in that department. Eek.




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